15 Funny Pictures Of Adorable Yorkies In The Close Up Challenge

The close up challenge is joined by many yorkie owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared funny pictures of yorkies that were shown in a lot of detail as it was taken very close to yorkies. Here are 15 funny pictures of adorable yorkies in the close up challenge.

#1 – “This is My Betsi💖”

#2 – “hi everyone, I’m Codi.”

Credit: Cindy Rix

#3 – “Little Remi. close up challenge”

#4 – “My Koda – close up challenge”

#5 – “My pretty Gabby girl ❤️”

#6 – “my name is Elvis and I am 14 years young😉”

#7 – “Our 20 lb Yorkie Teddy. He’s a big boy! Just more Yorkie to love! ❤”

#8 – “My name is Bella Blue, I have KF and Pancreatitis. Doctor said I’d die in the end of 2021 but I’m still here because I’m a fighter.”

#9 – “Chloe Rose 10 years young 🤍”

#10 – “Hi my name is Lola and I am 1 years old and I am loving my haircut today 💙”

#11 – “My Mollie 11 years young 🥰 and not much teeth 🦷 left but this one 😅”

#12 – “Murphy & Luka bestest friends forever 💙🐾💗🐾”

#13 – “This is Maggie. I can’t believe she sat still long enough for this picture!”

Credit: Todd Panico

#14 – “Kylie our beautiful little girl. That little nose can sniff out treats from miles away😅”

Credit: Desray Moss

#15 – “This is D’Angelo and Jewel”

Credit: Luz Orozco
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