15 Funny Pictures Of Adorable Dogs In The Big Ear Challenge

The big ear challenge is joined by many dog owners. They have shared pictures of cute dogs with somewhat impressive ears, these ears seem to be favored by dogs to grow up, making them often larger than normal size. Here are 15 funny pictures of adorable dogs in the big ear challenge.

#1 – Basset Hound join Big Ear Challenge

Credit: Kaylee Clark

#2 – “In case you were wondering, Ivy’s ear game is still going strong 🌽🌽”

#3 – “This is baby Scirocco. He hasn’t quite grown into his satellite dishes yet.”

Credit: Julina Adams

#4 – “Katie wanted to be apart of the Big Ear Challenge”

#5 – “Marly is waiting for me to touch the toy she lovingly placed on my lap! So I figured what a perfect time to enter the Big Ear Challenge”

#6 – “He’s only 18 weeks old so we’ll see if he grows into his ears 🤣”

Credit: Lisa Tran

#7 – “When my guy heard of the Big Ear Challenge he wanted in! He’s always ears up!”

Credit: Sarah Simone

#8 – “Ruth would like to 50% participate in the Big Ear Challenge”

#9 – “Iggy would like to join the Big Ear Challenge !!! She’s the goodest girl!”

Credit: Amanda Ana

#10 – “Ivy asked to join the Big Ear Challenge ❤️👂👂”

#11 – “Elvis heard there was a big ears challenge”

#12 – “Caught Waffle lookin like a dork waiting for his toy to get thrown. Just shy of 4 months old, he srsly needs to grow into his ears 🤦‍♂️🤣”

Credit: Kurt Kuennen

#13 – “Remy heard something about a Big Ear Challenge”

#14 – “Banner “heard” there was a big ear challenge? 🐰”

Credit: Danii Pascoe

#15 – “Is the Big Ear Challenge still going on? This is my boy, Ike!”

Credit: Krisa Bauman
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