15 Funny Photos That Prove Dogs Can Become Yoga Masters

Dogs often stretch their bodies when they wake up, especially in the morning, their stretching poses are often quite similar to our yoga poses. Some dogs are even trained as a yoga partner. Here are 15 funny photos that prove dogs can become yoga masters.

#1 – “Aaahhh that’s a nice puppy stretch”

Credit: Gabcele

#2 – “Sleepy Goober is Ready for Valentine’s Day ❤”

Credit: SplendidRain

#3 – “Mid-stretch 2 for 1!”

Credit: Jlevitt95

#4 – “Morning dog yoga on the dock”

#5 – “Stretching like a boss.”

Credit: Dr_fr0sry

#6 – “The biiiiig stretch”

#7 – “My happy girl doing her morning stretches!”

Credit: Skrb-530

#8 – “That Dog wants to stay fit in his life so he started yoga..”

Credit: silverstates

#9 – “Max loves doing yoga with me!”

Credit: FawnCoyoteLA

#10 – “«Just let me stretch before we go»”

#11 – “7:00 a.m. – time for a little bit of stretching”

Credit: Zefron35

#12 – “Charlie stretching.”

#13 – “Stretch and yawn”

Credit: meltyman

#14 – “My dog doing yoga?”

Credit: jguy678

#15 – “Guyver Genuinely Enjoying His Post-nap Stretch”

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