15 Funny Photos Of Great Dane Gentle Giant Dogs

Great Dane has its regal appearance, strength and elegance with great size and a powerful, well-formed, smoothly muscled body. They are very gentle, friendly, and rarely bark, coupled with an elegant appearance. The Great Dane is a sweet, friendly, affection, gentle and reliable companion, they are also a good guardian, alert for the family. Nowdays, Great Danes are seen by many families as companions and family members, and they share a lot of cute, funny moments about them. Here are 15 funny photos of great dane gentle giant dogs.

#1 – “My graceful Great Dane, Hendrix.”

Credit: dunnskiis

#2 – “This is why I love Great Danes.”

Credit: swade7

#3 – “This 6-foot Great Dane named Presley is also known as Scooby-Doo duo to being afraid of everything, from tiny dogs, to plastic bags and vacuum cleaners”

Credit: DraftDraw

#4 – “The park broke my dog”

Credit: rossavitz

#5 – “My sister caught her new Great Dane puppy sleeping like this”

Credit: w3stcoastgal

#6 – “She loves the blower”

Credit: vinkulelu

#7 – “My aunt’s goofy great dane, Louis.”

Credit: lettensp

#8 – “How my parents Great Dane puppy lays on the ottoman he outgrew”

#9 – “Biggest Scaredy Cat in the World 🤣”

Credit: SkerpNderp_

#10 – “Nosy Neighbor – The Colonel checking out the neighborhood”

Credit: dadane01

#11 – “Louis made a new friend”

#12 – “This dog is turning into a pancake”

Credit: Mister-Plow

#13 – “Cutest Great Dane mom & puppy picture ever”

#14 – “My 6m/o great dane (now 90lbs) is still bffs with my cat”

Credit: MsMolasses

#15 – “Looking out the front door… “I made a new friend, please can I keep him?””

Credit: zatt
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