15 Funny Photos Of Dogs Being Caught Red-Pawed When Stealing Food

Dogs who live in love are usually docile and lovable when they receive attention, but sometimes it’s only after that when we turn away and don’t notice, they do sneaky behaviors, like stealing food or stealing things they like and then hiding them. Here are 15 funny photos of dogs being caught red-pawed when stealing food.

#1 – “The look on his face after stealing an onion”

#2 – “Her face after I caught her eating an entire loaf of sliced bread”

Credit: Cauzix

#3 – her name is Arya and she loves Peanut Butter

Credit: tfro9

#4 – “bread thief”

#5 – “Look who stole my crumpet! 😮”

Credit: Vast-Ad-1946

#6 – “Bagel thief”

Credit: Tinner3974

#7 – “My friends dog Isabelle who stole all our hoagie rolls!”

#8 – “My dog escaped. Showed up at the front door with unopened nachos.”

Credit: pitx1

#9 – “He stole my pretzel :(“

Credit: stella_artz

#10 – “He stole my croissant and thinks I won’t notice”

Credit: janitroll

#11 – “My nephews and I made a snowman, then this guy stole its nose.”

#12 – “I was distracted by the baby when my cat knocked my dinner (delicious grilled chicken) onto the floor for my dog to steal. I had only eaten one bite :(“

Credit: Lockraemono

#13 – “This is Nico. Here’s a compilation of him when he steals food just to hold on to it.”

#14 – “This huge loaf of bread travelled along with my parents on a 600 km trip to get home. I love this bread as I don’t get to eat it frequently. Dog thought it was a great idea to taste-test it just in case it’s poisoned. Results turned negative. Good dog for being so thoughtful”

Credit: BlavkRabbit

#15 – “My dog decided to steal a squash the neighbor left on the porch for us. This was the look she gave when we tried to take it back.”

Credit: Smilf13
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