15 Amazing Pictures Of Specially Trained Real Working Dogs

Working dogs are dogs that are specially trained to perform practical tasks. And with each different role and task of the working dogs, they are also divided into many types of working dogs such as: Assistance dog, Carriage dog, Detection dog, Draught dog, Guard dog, Guide dog, Herding dog, Military working dog, Search and rescue dog, Service dog, Sled dog, Therapy dog. Here are 15 amazing pictures of specially trained real working dogs.

#1 – “👃 Detection Dog – Darwin just found 33 kilograms of drugs”

Credit: castigo

#2 – “Therapy Dog – A therapy dog doing his job at the dentist”

Credit: mac_is_crack

#3 – “Service Dog – I got my service dog recently and he has already helped me through many difficult situations”

Credit: tovey_art

#4 – ” Search & Rescue – Meet PaCe. A search and rescue k9 in training from Canada.”

Credit: Li0ne55

#5 – “Service/Assistance Dog – Ozzy enjoying some pool time!”

Credit: Sh8rkie

#6 – “Search & Rescue – Water Rescue K9 Damma, PRSAR K936”

Credit: prsark936

#7 – “Police Dog – Mars, GIGN operator, awarded the Bronze National Defense Medal for the tackling of an armed suspect while under fire. 18 May 2021.”

Credit: triyoihftyu

#8 – “Protection Dog – Security dog, stopped a burglar earlier. Good boy 🥰”

#9 – “👃 Detection Dog – Larry the English lab who serves on the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force as an electronics-sniffing dog.”

#10 – “Service/Assistance Dog – Going to the hospital is so much better together”

#11 – ” Service/Assistance Dog – Medical Alert dog doing a group training session at a local mall.”

Credit: Miceeks

#12 – “Military Dog – Australian Commando Military Working Dog (MWD) Olly at RAAF Base Edinburgh, South Australia, December 2021.”

Credit: jarrad960

#13 – “Service/Assistance Dog – My name is Gemma the seizure sniffer outer.”

Credit: donsnolo

#14 – ” Service/Assistance Dog – Toast, my almost 2 year old Assistance dog! She is task trained for both physical and mental health issues, she gets very proud when wearing her vest!”

Credit: BeeTHC

#15 – ” Therapy Dog – Scout – my 1.5 year old GSD rescue mutt had his first official therapy work since passing his certification. He helped spread some relaxation & love at a college “Exam Cram” at the university in our town. The students loved him and he loved it.”

Credit: PolaDaBear
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