15 Adorable Pictures Of Yorkies With Their Tongues Out

Adorable and funny pictures of yorkies sticking their tongues out are shared by many yorkie ​​owners on social networks and received a lot of love from dog lovers. Here are 15 adorable pictures of yorkies with their tongues out.

#1 – “Chanel is the original heartbreaker. I mean how can you not fall in love with her…. And yes she has recently had a hair cut since this photo was taken😂”

#2 – “Pepper says “hello everyone happy weekend””

#3 – “Lovely Kira 🐕🐶❤”

#4 – “Tommy is always happy after a little treat 🦴😋”

Credit: Junko Mat

#5 – “Humphrey is always taking naps on my legs, it’s comfortable for him. He is so cute, I love you Humphrey 😍”

#6 – “I love it when she sticks out her tongue when she sleeps 🥰”

Credit: Kelli Wigal

#7 – “My sweet yorkie passed in February. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to put my love into another one. Everyone meet Finley, he’s 13 weeks and already knows how to sit on command 🙂”

#8 – “My Sadie girl is such a cutie”

Credit: Aimee Hoover

#9 – “That tongue is always out.”

#10 – “My name is : Lilly – My nickname is : wolfie – My age is : 14”

Credit: Sue Murphy

#11 – “My princess Lilly she is 12 years old and still only weighs 2lb 3 oz she’s my baby girl”

Credit: Susan Bounds

#12 – “Tommy makes me smile everyday. ☺️🥰”

Credit: Junko Mat

#13 – “The first nap of many today 😴”

Credit: Mindy Boozer

#14 – “My Pearly Mae is broken…..or at least her licker.”

Credit: Sandy Wollan

#15 – “Related”

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