15 Adorable Pictures Of Sleeping Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are sleeping with adorable, unique and funny sleeping positions that make everyone smile when looking at them. These pictures are loved and shared a lot in groups about labrador retrievers. Here are 15 adorable pictures of sleeping labrador retrievers.

#1 – “Keeping the tradition. Never sleep without your favorite toy.”

#2 – “Any one else’s lab sleep like this?”

#3 – “Sleeping all day sure does tire you out.”

#4 – “Just want to share my old man sleeping”

#5 – “Sleeps in daybed but not in crate, any advice?”

#6 – “Synchronized Sleeping”

#7 – “caught him sleeping in the job. should i fire him?”

Credit: labrador

#8 – “Do Labradors normally snore when they sleep? Or is it because our Snacks (6 months) sleeps likes this?”

#9 – “After the disappointment of a still born puppy in February we were blessed with Boss in September, sleeping off lunch here at 4W.”

#10 – “This is Dexter. He lives across the street from us. He is a 7 year old white lab. His favorite activities are greeting the mailman with his toy octopus, sleeping, sun tanning, getting pets from anyone walking by oh and sleeping.”

#11 – “This is Riley, and she likes to sleep on her water bowl.”

Credit: laptopbender

#12 – “Boo being herself. Always makes me wonder – is she comfortable sleeping this way?”

#13 – “I had no idea there was a labrador sub – please enjoy this pic of my dogs sleeping in a heart shape. Blue, 8mo Silver + Rudy, 4mo Chocolate, and our mixed breed Juno, 5.”

#14 – “So sweet when they sleep”

Credit: rnewlund

#15 – “Our 11 y/o boy and one of his many weird sleeping positions 🖤”

Credit: ArtmausDen
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