15 Adorable Pictures Of Sleeping German Shepherds

Many german shepherd owners have shared pictures of their german shepherds sleeping with cute, unique and funny poses. These pictures of sleeping german shepherds receive a lot of love and shares from dog lovers. Here are 15 adorable pictures of sleeping german shepherds.

#1 – “New 8 week old puppy. They sleep in the strangest positions. Silly Sylvie.”

Credit: Jana Sabo

#2 – “My girls holding hands while they sleep”

#3 – “Sure wish I could sleep like she does. She had a hard day protecting the house and her 3 sisters.”

Credit: Dale Cobb

#4 – “was just viciously ATTACKED @3:30am by a 65 pound german shepherd who suddenly decided.. without warning ⚠️ to wake up out of her slumber, jump up and tried k*lling me with her wet slobbering kisses … making it difficult to breathe due to uncontrollable laughter and holding my mouth closed so the excessive moisture didn’t get on my tongue or inside my mouth! what suddenly possessed her to do this at the middle of the night. Now i’m awake and she’s back to sleep snoring … 🙄”

Credit: Sommer Jean

#5 – “Meet Ms. Luna the Angel at sleep and Devil awake🤣 (10 weeks)”

Credit: Cynthia Jack

#6 – “I love to watch my boy sleep.. and some from this evening.. soo dang handsome though.. always showing them teeth 😬”

#7 – “My Yukie is a survivor of inherited ventricular arrthymia. Usually GSD with Ventricular Arrthymia usually die young age less than two years during sleep but she made it through two years one month old. She is still taking her heart medications like champ four times a day. Hopefully, she can stay with me for many many years.”

Credit: 임순아

#8 – “They sleep in the funniest poses lol. My boy Whiskey.”

#9 – “So this is my first GSD. Do they all sit/sleep like this dinkus? 😂 Sometimes the way she sleeps looks like her neck is broken. And she’ll lay on couch with the lower half of her body hanging off 😂🙈. I’ve read they are prone to hip issues. Is there anything to do for her now to help prolong issues starting or any advice, vitamins? She just turned 1 year in May.”

#10 – “This is how Nala sleep”

#11 – “We’ve had our rescue since January. Looks like she’s finally a real German Shepherd. First time I’ve seen her sleep like this. Next up: figure out how to convince her to chew her food. She has mastered the slow feeder!”

#12 – “Caught her sleeping like a goober on the couch”

Credit: ChappedPappy

#13 – “Does everybody’s GSD sleep this way?”

#14 – “Thought I was being slick grabbing a cute sleeping photo. It wasn’t until later that I discovered her eyes were actually open the whole time and she was probably thinking about ending me.”

#15 – “Mavericks sleeping face 😂”

Credit: Jensen_K
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