15 Adorable Pictures Of Shiba Inus With Puppy Eyes

Shiba inus with their puppy eyes and innocent expressions are so easy to melt the heart of anyone who looks at them. Many shiba inu owners have shared pictures of their shiba inus using puppy eyes in many funny and adorable situations. Here are 15 adorable pictures of shiba inus with puppy eyes. Here are 15 adorable pictures of shiba inus with puppy eyes.

#1 – “Oh those puppy-eyes always get me!”

Credit: Gravvua

#2 – “Puppy eyes 🥺”

#3 – “They don’t call them puppy eyes for nothing. 8 week old Naoki the shiba”

#4 – “karma for puppy eyes:)”

Credit: willlybolt

#5 – “Porter recently lost all of his puppy fluff, but he’ll never lose those puppy eyes”

Credit: Brettish

#6 – “Sweet, sweet puppy eyes and a bandana”

#7 – “Am I crazy or is there something off with this shiba inu puppy’s eyes/face?”

Credit: L_Kiano

#8 – “He hugs his ducky and gives me puppy eyes when he wants something”

Credit: chashaoballs

#9 – “Can never say ‘no’ to these puppy eyes”

Credit: aurzhi

#10 – “Nikka, 12 weeks, mastering the puppy dog eyes”

Credit: CletoParis

#11 – “Puppy Dog Eyes = Treat…right?”

Credit: tburns517

#12 – “Kota giving you the puppy eyes”

Credit: dwslider

#13 – “My name: Sachi – Age: 9 weeks old – Breed: Shiba Inu – Nickname: little one, baby girl – Favorite food: raw puppy bites – Favorite thing to do: note anything!”

Credit: Lynn Kiehne

#14 – “How can you say NO to those puppy eyes??? I just want to hug him!!! 😍 @shiba.rounin 📸”

#15 – “Mama I don’t want to shower 🥺 puppy eyes activated 🐕”

Credit: OM Ariana
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