15 Adorable Pictures Of Shiba Inus In The Sleeping Dog Challenge

The sleeping dog challenge is joined by many shiba inu owners. They shared adorable pictures of sleeping shiba inus with adorable and funny looks. Here are 15 adorable pictures of shiba inus in the sleeping dog challenge.

#1 – How cute 💖💕🥰

Credit: Eddie Z Tan

#2 – “This girl. 😂 My other Shibas never slept like this. – sleeping dog challenge”

#3 – “What I want to know is, what is she dreaming about?”

Credit: Krystle Egan

#4 – “Much amgery in sleep.”

#5 – “my Sheeva sleeping beauty 💜🐕💋🐾”

#6 – “Sleeping with his monkey 🥺💙”

#7 – “Little sleepy kylo 💤 Instagram: @kylodoge “

Credit: Somya Tomar

#8 – “Ppoppo chan from Tokyo ☺️”

Credit: Keiko Kim

#9 – “Dreaming of doggie treats 🍪🐶”

Credit: Rich Lawman

#10 – “Almost missed the shot by a few seconds 😁”

Credit: Obi Nnaemeka

#11 – “Introducing our shiba to our baby and shes doing really well. 🐶👶”

#12 – “Time to make an appointment with the chiropractor”

#13 – “Pucca absolutely loves this position”

#14 – “Yoyo had a good sleep on the sofa while his mum and I watched a movie”

Credit: Adam Hazell

#15 – “few of Fiona sleeping”

Credit: Darek Krzak
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