15 Adorable Pictures Of Rottweilers With Sweet Smiles

Rottweilers are known to be brave, loyal, playful, sweet and always ready to protect their family. Rottweilers also often show their affection to family members with bright and sweet smiles when they are feeling happy, or with affectionate actions when they show care and want to cuddle. Here are 15 adorable pictures of rottweilers with sweet smiles.

#1 – “Xena 16 weeks today”

Credit: Ash Palmer

#2 – “Starts digging a hole then lays in it and smiles at me like he wasn’t being bad”

#3 – “just look at that smile”

Credit: noeska93

#4 – “I think Duke likes his first Autumn”

#5 – “I love his smile”

Credit: SebaN0S

#6 – “Pool. Ball. Smile. 😍 Daughters from four of my favorite dogs ever, on the left we have Athena from world champion Vitus Vom Hause Neubrand and Ricke Von Der Crossener Ranch; and her “sister” Mercedes from Karl Vom Hause Neubrand and Oprah Anguinus. Talk about beautiful on the inside and out, their personalities are even better than their looks. Have a great weekend!”

Credit: Zeke Fogal

#7 – “The best smile”

Credit: ColemanWolf

#8 – “Hello from bear”

Credit: Barry Ingram

#9 – “My 11 month old girl 💕”

Credit: Redd Buckz

#10 – “Rolo 18 months”

Credit: Dee Neal

#11 – “Hello my name is Shelby”

Credit: Ron Simmers

#12 – “Storms having a good day today 😁 smiles for days.”

Credit: Jay Howarth

#13 – “Steels biggest smile 😃”

#14 – “That smile 🥰”

Credit: Kim A Kim

#15 – “Smile please”

Credit: razeil
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