15 Adorable Pictures Of Puppies In The First Pic Challenge

The first pic challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared adorable pictures of the puppies when they first met them. Here are 15 adorable pictures of puppies in the first pic challenge.

#1 – “We picked up our baby boy yesterday evening. His name is Tuko and he is an 8wk old, 1.5lb chiweenie. He may be tiny but once we got him home, his BIG personality came out!”

#2 – “We lost our first boxer, Holly, to cancer 4 months prior to this. This was the first pic when we picked up our current boxer, Rory. I said “smile!” And this is what I got lol. Our son was so overwhelmed with emotion lol”

#3 – “Hi friends! Not much of a story here. I found my girl on Craigslist just when I had given up on finding a baby for me. Every breeder I had contacted had already sold all their puppies and I was about to call it quits. I decided to check craigslist one last time, and found my little soul mate 🙂 Here’s our first pic challenge from the day I brought her home! This is my Ellie 🥰 my greatest adventure!”

Credit: Lauren Cole

#4 – “My husband surprised me with a puppy and then I surprised him with a positive pregnancy test. All unexpected.😬”

#5 – “Gotcha Day for Daenerys!!! Can we start a thread for all those new little babies?!”

#6 – “I had been corresponding for weeks with the person who had posted a blurry photo of a chiweenie they wanted to rehome. They remained anonymous using the Craigslist post to email me from. I asked for more photos and photos of the parents but they were always “too busy.” I was reluctant but made my boyfriend drive me to the public place they had wanted to meet. A man climbed out of a truck and pulled this lil guy out of his winter coat. And that’s how I became Deebo’s mama🥰🥰”

Credit: Sandy Reich

#7 – “Eleanor Rigby Roosevelt the day we brought her home 🥰”

#8 – “This is Dodger Theodore. And initially, I didn’t want him. My ex-husband wanted a basset hound. I said no way. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE dogs. I just wasn’t interested in a basset hound. But my ex found someone who had a litter to rehome and then was on a work trip for the whole week… so it fell to me to go meet the family and the pups. I drove an hour and a half to Pearland, TX and when I pulled into the driveway, this little goober was wriggling around in a playpen. He looked at me. I looked at him. His freckles and big brown eyes were no match for my reluctance. I fell in love.”

#9 – “My husband told me he was going golfing early one winter morning. I thought it was strange because it was dark out and the sun wasn’t rising for a couple hours. He returned 6 hours later with these two sweet little puppers. This was the first pic he took of these two knuckleheads after he adopted them from an oops litter. Best. Surprise. Ever. 🖤”

Credit: Jessica Linn

#10 – “My mom showed me a picture of a puppy one day and said, “Isn’t this a cute puppy?” I had been struggling with my depression and eventually she broke and told me that was going to be my puppy because she wanted to give me another reason to stay alive. This is her the day she came home. ❤️”

#11 – “Hi, my name is Maui! Im a baby girl!🥰 thank you for all the love!”

#12 – “My boy on his gotcha day a year ago!”

#13 – “Willow🤍🖤 first pic challenge – Springer spaniel x staffie 🐶”

Credit: Megan Light

#14 – “This is Little Miss Mozee, on a day filled with many firsts for her, my husband thinks she looks like a pig, but I think she’s beautiful!”

Credit: Jen Waldie

#15 – “My friends new pup Clover”

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