15 Adorable Pictures Of Obedient Dogs In The Leave It Challenge

The leave it challenge is joined by many dog owners. They have shared videos and photos of obedient and patient dogs who always wait for orders from their owners, and of course there are also dogs that are somewhat mischievous and gluttonous but also very cute and funny. Here are 15 adorable pictures of obedient dogs in the leave it challenge.

#1 – “Can we start a #LeaveItChallenge ?!
Oakley wants to see how well his fellow puppers can “leave it”
He’s pretty proud of himself for this mornings accomplishment 🤩”

#2 – “Four cheeseburgers”

#3 – ““Am I just a game to you?🙄””

Credit: Billie Jack

#4 – “Those who say it’s impossible to train a husky have never tried hard enough.”

Credit: Jayme Damm

#5 – “Biased but daisy wins”

Credit: Emma Riddler

#6 – “although we use “wait,” Lecter is the #leaveitchallenge at just shy of 5 months (the 16th)”

#7 – “Sunday is the goodest girl ❤️🐶❤️”

#8 – “Any food motivated breeds acing that #leaveitchallenge?
Tao on the left is 7, Ozzy on the right is 2 (hes not a pro just yet, hes new!)”

Credit: Jan Mason

#9 – “Hemlo it Bear again
I gots a lot to say
My mumma does this thing
It’s really not okay
She teases me with food
She says it is a game
But Bear don think it fun
It messes with my brain
She brings out yummy treats
And then she tells me, Leave It
Bear don understand
I wants to eat my biscuit!
But I hab watched my hoomans
And they don’t do a wait
Bear knows because Bear studies
Each and every plate!
So I thinks enough’s enough
Bear gots a brand new trick
Next time my mahm says leave it
I’ll chomp it down real quick!
– Bear”

Credit: Jac Murphy

#10 – leave it challenge 🤣

Credit: Kelly Lally

#11 – “Some good boys taking part in the #leaveitchallenge”

#12 – “Oden smashing it. 🐶🍕”

Credit: Billie Jack

#13 – “Drogon was having fun with the #LeaveItChallenge”

Credit: Rion Harper

#14 – “The #leaveitchallenge Christmas edition!”

Credit: Sam Pecoraro

#15 – “Bella says yes to all the challenges 🤣 “

Credit: Kim Potter
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