15 Adorable Pictures Of Happy Golden Retrievers In The Smile Challenge

The smile challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners. They shared adorable pictures of smiling golden retrievers with a happy, bright, adorable look, some of them mischievous and funny. Here are 15 adorable pictures of happy golden retrievers in the smile challenge.

#1 – “Our neighbor Tucker stopped over to play 🥰”

Credit: Alisha Marie

#2 – “Oliver wants to know if this counts for the smile challenge”

#3 – “Honey’s always smiling 😍”

#4 – “Millie is all smiles, and lots of sass”

Credit: Nikki Marie

#5 – “Hi everyone this is George. 3 years old and loves the ocean. He’s the goofiest pup around and my best friend”

#6 – “Happiest when rolling in 🐑 💩”

Credit: Elivia Gates

#7 – “Then: 1 month and Now: 3 years Murphy wanted to join in on the #smilechallenge 💛”

#8 – “My Bella and her beautiful smile 💗”

Credit: Karen Ayad

#9 – “Rokus and Nanook father and son duo hope to bring you some smiles today 🙂🙂🧡🖤”

#10 – “Just a happy boy!!”

Credit: Kami Fryar

#11 – “Show me your smiley goldens 🥰”

Credit: Vas Nin

#12 – “Izzy and Silas”

#13 – “Finn’s our smiling boy.”

Credit: Mary Finley

#14 – “These are my two boys… Mylo (left) and Cooper with the big smile, he’s a real happy smily boy, even more so because they’re on their holidays 😍”

#15 – “A happy face of a happy boy.”

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