15 Adorable Pictures Of Happy Dogs In The Smile Challenge

The smile challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared adorable pictures of smiling dogs with a happy, bright, adorable look, some of them mischievous and funny. Here are 15 adorable pictures of happy dogs in the smile challenge.

#1 – “My very favorite photo of my boy Yee-Haw.” – The Smile Challenge

Credit: Dee Norman

#2 – “Bowie was super smiley with new toys from his auntie!!! He smiles all the time 🙂” – The Smile Challenge

Credit: Sarah Stanek

#3 – “Mister P showing off his smile”

#4 – “Lewis (the Chug) finally found a challenge he can enter…. smilechallenge”

#5 – “My Buffy girl being so sweet!” – The Smile Challenge

#6 – “Lilo’s best smile for the smilechallenge she loves to smile when mama takes her outside to play ball 🥰”

Credit: Laura Storck

#7 – “Zeus loves the hat! 🥰” – The Smile Challenge

Credit: Alexis Gypp

#8 – “Alfie’s submission to the smilechallenge”

#9 – “Our neighbor Tucker stopped over to play 🥰” – The Smile Challenge

Credit: Alisha Marie

#10 – “Kimba’s smilechallenge – My girl loves a smile 😁😁”

Credit: Alex Beeson

#11 – “I didn’t tell him yet, but I’m nominating Brody for the smilechallenge 🥰😄 from the streets to comfy bed sheets, ham-man is living his best life🎾”

#12 – “It may look like she’s mad but this is her happy face! 😂😍 I get to see this funny face every time I come home!”

#13 – “Annie & Cody smilechallenge lol😁”

#14 – “Y’all have enjoyed Egg’s smile so much, I figured I’d share another… with a guest appearance from Duncan 🤗- This boy was made for the smilechallenge”

#15 – “Azula wanted to participate in the Smile Challenge”

Credit: Mars Venture
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