15 Adorable Pictures Of Golden Retrievers With Puppy Eyes

Golden retrievers with their puppy eyes and innocent expressions are so easy to melt the heart of anyone who looks at them. Many golden retriever owners have shared pictures of their golden retrievers using puppy eyes in many funny and adorable situations. Here are 15 adorable pictures of golden retrievers with puppy eyes.

#1 – “Those puppy eyes”

Credit: Katie Klein

#2 – “Max has mastered the puppy dog eyes 🥺 😁”

Credit: Ami Patel

#3 – “Does anyone’s golden give you the “puppy eyes” when there on the bed when their not aloud too be. 🤣”

#4 – “Cue puppy dog eyes 😍”

#5 – “Anyone else have a golden that gives you those puppy eyes until they can sit in your lap. 😂❤️ Calvin is such a silly sweetheart. He’s getting too big to be a lap dog though. 🤪”

#6 – “Samson, our 11 week old angel (most of the time!) – our first ever retriever and we couldn’t love him anymore. He’s mischievous, biting his way through all toys and constantly giving puppy eyes in the hope of an extra nugget of food. Here he is in his best Christmas outfit 🥰🤍🎄”

#7 – “Hopper is 14 weeks and 25 pounds, he’s our first golden and wondering what your puppers looked like around this age. Also anyone else obsessed with every thing their dog does or is that just me?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hims got the best puppy dog eyes can never be mad at him 😂”

Credit: Ashley Mohn

#8 – “Puppy eyes!!💋”

#9 – “Anyone else’s Golden mastered the puppy eyes???”

#10 – “Let’s see those puppy eyes 😍 I swear they get me every time”

Credit: Jeana Hughes

#11 – “Permanent puppy dog eyes!! Anyone else have a pup with these droopy eyes?”

Credit: Tina Fox

#12 – “Hello, my name is Gigi, and some of you might remember me from a couple months ago as the golden retriever puppy with green eyes. I am almost 1 on October 25th yay! But just yesterday I was diagnosed with Addisons Disease and I was borderline into kidney failure since it was hard to diagnose me, but I am doing much better now and will be on meds daily for the rest of my life but expected to live my life as a fully normal pup! Any kind advice is appreciated from any pups out there with this disease. 💛 & yes my nose is fully pink/light brown ☺️ – love Gigi & her hooman”

#13 – “Puppy eyes to make me feel bad for giving him a bath!! 🥹”

Credit: Reagan Lee

#14 – “Hi my name is Tucker! I’m 4 months old ❤️ my puppy eyes are real and I use them when I get in trouble and mommy quickly forgives me. Like today when I bit off an aloe leaf from mommy’s plant.”

#15 – “Anyone else’s baby use massively sad puppy eyes anytime you’re cooking?”

Credit: Rebecca Bell
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