15 Adorable Pictures Of Golden Retrievers In The First Pic Challenge

The first pic challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared adorable pictures of the golden retrievers when they first met them. Here are 15 adorable pictures of golden retrievers in the first pic challenge.

#1 – “awe…Baby Peaches!!! 🐾😍🐾 this was her picture on our way home!! ❤️”

#2 – “When we picked out our puppy we couldn’t leave his brother. The moment we decided on both they laid down like this. Holding hands..knowing they will be together fur-ever.”

#3 – “My father and I had a golden named Cody that passed away from cancer at the age of 8 years old. My father was so heart broken over the loss of Cody that he swore he would never get another dog. I begged my father for four years to let us get another dog but he wouldn’t budge. Once I graduated from college and began working full time, I was able to save up enough money where I could get another golden to surprise my dad. The photo on the left was Cody the day before he passed away. The photo in the middle is 8 week old Milo in my father’s arms while he cried tears of joy. 🥰 The picture on the right is Milo now, he just turned 3. 😊🎊 A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. 💕”

#4 – “I went to meet this timid 16 week old puppy on a cold rainy day. She was the shyest and last one left of her litter. Despite being scared she very gently reached up and licked my nose! That was it, I knew she was mine! Second pic was on our way home and I was meltingggg as she snuggled up bright eyed with her new mama. It was total fate. She is literally the happiest pup ever. Not very shy anymore 🤣 Nonstop 24/7 ray of sunshine! ☀️ 13 months old now. Each day I am SO grateful for whomever passed her up so that she could wait for me. 💛💛”

#5 – “This was Reilly at five weeks and again at 14 months. He came to me at a time when my heart was inexplicably broken from losing both of my boys six days apart. I had decided I was ready for another pup but simply looking through pictures would dissolve me into tears again. I thought my heart would never heal. Reilly and three months later, Tucker, have helped fill the empty space and have brought so much back into my home. They say that grief is simply love that no longer has a place to go. I’ve come to believe that to be true. The third pic is of Reilly and Tucker together on one of our hiking adventures. The last pic is of Hutch and Journey, the sweet boys I lost. “

#6 – “Peter Parker 😇”

#7 – “our new baby. We are surprising our kids with him in a couple of weeks! We think we will call him Wilson. 🥰🥰”

Credit: Jess Heida

#8 – “taken last May 2020 💛”

#9 – “from the first day we picked him up to the most recent picture on my phone 💙 Morgan has been in every way the sweetest, most loving and funniest dog! He’s 10 months old and will be turning 1 on April 2nd because he’s no fool 😜”

#10 – “Couldn’t possibly love him more. This adorable little fluff ball waddled right up and climbed in my arms. We new he was the one, he had picked us. Sweetest pup. Ren just turned 2!”

#11 – “Losing Ripley in Sept to cancer was devastating to say the least. He was my heart dog. When we knew he was terminal, we started looking for a puppy to bring home after he was gone. Like many places, there wasn’t much available. We put a deposit down on a litter due in December, but after 2 days without Ripley, I knew I would go crazy waiting that long. So we started looking again, and a breeder we had been in touch with had another litter of puppies we didn’t know about, and there was one male left. He was meant to be ours! I know Ripley picked him just for us. This was my first meeting and first pic with our new boy, Bodhi on Oct 30th❤️ it was love at first sight! He’s just the smartest, sweetest boy even if he’s a bit high strung. He’s a good big brother to his little sister, Maya, too. They are 7 weeks apart and he’s helped her learn the rules of the house 😊 Goldens are so special. We don’t deserve dogs! “

Credit: Sara Vawter

#12 – “Today was the BIG Puppy Surprise day!!! My son thought he was going to open the back of my car to help unload groceries. He has been wanting a Golden Retriever puppy for some time now. He thought he had to wait till he was 8 (right now he is 6) because the wait lists are so long. He got overwhelmed with the balloons so bolted and took her to his room! LOL 😂 we are in love with her!!! Tristan has a new best friend….. Ms. Sophie! “

#13 – “Tucker being picked up at the farm. And yes the silo in the mirror was real. Best day for both of us”

#14 – “Our sweet Scout on the day we picked her out, on the drive home, and now at a year old. She is beautiful inside and out, and such a goofy, fun, and loving girl. ❤️”

#15 – “little goober”

Credit: Faith Jones
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