15 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs With Big Paws

The big paws make the dogs look so adorable and easily melt everyone’s heart. The pictures of dogs with big paws are loved and shared by many dog lovers on social networks. Here are 15 adorable pictures of dogs with big paws.

#1 – “Spotted this smol pupper with big paws outside a coffee shop. So soft. His name is Waffles!”

#2 – “this little 8 week old baby is a champagne Newfoundland”

#3 – “good boi doin’ a shake (look at dem big paw!) – his name is Andrei and owner said he takes a bath everyday to maintain the golden hair”

#4 – “Big sleepy dog with big sleepy paws”

Credit: Matt Mo

#5 – “hello! this is hazel. she just moved in 4 houses down from me. this spot is posted from beyond the grave because her puppy breath and heckin big paws took my life, but I would still die for her. 👻💕”

Credit: Madison Weir

#6 – “A BABY Great Dane (his big paws 😍)came into work today, I cried. He made a big ol’ mess of treat crumbles and I would gladly sweep them up every day forever.”

#7 – “Big ol paws and a squishy face. What a beaut.”

#8 – “So today at work, THIS PERFECT FLOOF made an appearance! His name is Jagger and he’s 10 weeks old. He had paws as big as my hand, he was soft as ever, and he gave zero hecks about knocking over his water bowl”

#9 – “Guys, look at how big his paws are. 😭 I just met him the other day and I was able to get a picture.”

#10 – “this is rosie! very tiny with very big paws. bernese / st. bernard cross”

#11 – “THIS IS MILO! Baby chow-poodle come into my work today. Only 10 weeks old. Softest fluff ever. Perfect snoot and big paws. Might be distant relative of Doge. 13/10 for those puppy dog eyes. @milo.chowpoodle on insta “

Credit: Jessica Ann

#12 – “This ham is going to be 8 months soon!!!! He says “look how talls I can git and looks at big PAW””

#13 – “This is my best friend’s baby, Bailey 🥺❤️ 10/10 unexpectedly fuzzy hair & big paws.”

#14 – “JunieBee is 14 weeks and 18 1/2 pounds. A little girl with big paws. 😂❤️🐾”

#15 – “Meet 10 week old Bella. Big paws, sharp teeth, sweet kisses and roses on her collar. 12/10 The perfect combo of Beauty and Beast!”

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