15 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs In The Pretty Eyes Challenge

The pretty eyes challenge is joined by many dog owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared adorable pictures of dogs with beautiful eyes. Here are 15 adorable pictures of dogs in the pretty eyes challenge.

#1 – “Fern. 🌿 joining in on the Pretty Eyes Challenge”

#2 – “This is Archie! He is an adopted three month old Miniature Pinscher Jack Russell Chihuahua mix with a heart on his chest and a pep in his step.”

#3 – “My little Kingsley”

Credit: Amber Mabeus

#4 – “Griffin wants to know if he can get in on the Pretty Eyes Challenge 💙🤍”

#5 – “Poor Archer keeps hearing that his eyes are creepy, but I think he belongs in the Pretty Eyes Challenge”

Credit: Abigail Toon

#6 – “Baby betty wanted to show off for the Pretty Eyes Challenge”

Credit: Jasmine Jade

#7 – “Maple giving her best teefies smile 🥺”

Credit: Kate Reddy

#8 – “This is my foster Widget. He is 7 weeks and 2 days old. He’s such a beautiful boy.” – The Pretty Eyes Challenge 🥰

Credit: Ashley Lytle

#9 – “You can call me Flower, if you want 🌸 (But name is actually, Archo)”

#10 – “My brown eyed girl 🐶” – The Pretty Eyes Challenge 🥰

#11 – “My girl Maple has had a rough couple of weeks getting some papillomas removed, so she deserves to be shown off! “

#12 – “Hi my name is Ned! My nana told me that I have the prettiest eyes EVER “

Credit: Brenda Krojs

#13 – “Our lovely nearly 13 year old Mia showing off her pretty eyes 😍”

Credit: Siân Plaice

#14 – Pug wants to join the Pretty Eyes Challenge 🥰😆💓

#15 – “This is my pack of 3, each with a left blue eye and a right brown eye 💙🤎”

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