15 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs In The Artistic Dog Challenge

The artistic dog challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared pictures and videos of dogs with pictures created by dogs by licking. Here are 15 adorable pictures of dogs in the artistic dog challenge.

#1 – “This was Pike’s second attempt at doggy art, and we took it one step further this time! Love how it turned out!”

#2 – “Mack is VERY proud of his art 🎨💙”

Credit: Kate Kucia

#3 – “They did the backgrounds with the artistic dog challenge and then I painted them on thier paintings!”

Credit: Sharon Tappa

#4 – “he artists & their work! 🎨 Maggie, Maple, and Baxter all look so proud of their creations✨”

#5 – “Desoto doesn’t think he did the artistic dog challenge very well, can you all please tell him he did amazing? 🥺💕”

Credit: Kayla Mac

#6 – “Jagger is a better artist than most humans 😍”

#7 – “I can’t believe how well this worked by putting shredded cheese & probiotic powder! A real talented doggo 😭😍”

#8 – “I messed up and pulled his canvas out of the ziplock bag and ruined it 😩 bag pic to show what it should have looked like! We will have to try again with a trash bag or something 😛”

#9 – “Bully is VERY proud of his art work. He also tried to eat the clingfilm 😅🙃🎨🐶”

#10 – “His licks were a tad soft to spread some the paint but Alfie is still a proud artist”

Credit: Lucy Smart

#11 – “Charlie and Morty wanted a shot at the artistic dog challenge 🎨 🖌️ I think they’re proud of their work”

#12 – “Use cheap paints if you have a gentle licker. I had to put a second round of PB on (lucky dog) Nala’s masterpiece.”

Credit: Sam Zuehl

#13 – “Vinny did his first art piece today, he is very proud of it. Please inform him that he is a good boi and he did a good job🥺🥰💕 “

#14 – “Stella did a great job participating in the artistic dog challenge! If you want to know why we call her piggles turn your sound up! 🐷🐶”

#15 – “Deeees puggies had a painting night tonight. Couple of Pugcassos if you ask me! artistic dog challenge🎨🐾❤️”

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