15 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs Getting Ready For Christmas

Many dog owners have shared adorable pictures of their dogs getting ready for Christmas. These pictures are loved and shared a lot on social networks by many dog lovers. Here are 15 adorable pictures of dogs getting ready for Christmas.

#1 – “Feeble attempts at Christmas photos 😂”

#2 – “When I tell Moose that not everyone loves the Christmas season as much as he does”

#3 – “Getting my reindeer ready for Christmas 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️😂 Helios is gonna be Santa’s handsome helper lol”

Credit: Tyler Ulch

#4 – “I got the most incredible photo during our Christmas photo shoot this morning 😆🎅🎄”

Credit: Liz Louf

#5 – “Dotty is helping with Christmas crafts.”

#6 – “That time Bruce thought he was a Christmas card model.”

#7 – “Decorating feels a bit less joyful this year with one less stocking on the mantle. Wishing my boy the best heavenly Christmas season ever 🤍🎄🎁🕊️”

#8 – “Finally put Christmas decor up and made the pups take a photoshoot for some Turkey 😝😍”

#9 – “If you remember Loki, you know this is her first Christmas without her dad (my father in law who passed away in January)… thankfully, she’s acclimated to our house well & is happy! ❤️ this year, we’re thankful to have her at our house for the holidays!”

Credit: Miriam Jones

#10 – “Since everyone is posting their Christmas pictures!! Here’s mine! We took them on November 16th ❤️🤍 and i just got them!!!”

#11 – “Christmas card ready 🎅🏻📸”

Credit: Sarah Bear

#12 – “A little Christmas photo shoot in their jammies ♥️ Tripp enjoyed taking pictures for a treat, Bailey not so much. Also bonus picture of Tripp living his best life post elbow surgery.”

Credit: Misty Blue

#13 – “Luna says have a mlem Christmas time everyone”

Credit: Abbie Stubbs

#14 – “It’s a Christmas miracle! Thank you so much for your thoughts, hope, and support. Leviathan’s biopsy came back and shows no sign of cancer! It looks like an allergic-caused inflammation and a raging bacterial infection so far. We will keep up with treatments for these things and hopefully he will be able to breathe better.”

Credit: Rachel Mars

#15 – “Christmas babies. 🎄🎅🐾❄️”

Credit: Kait Bracey
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