15 Adorable Pictures Of Dachshunds With Puppy Eyes

Dachshunds with their puppy eyes and innocent expressions are so easy to melt the heart of anyone who looks at them. Many dachshund owners have shared pictures of their dachshunds using puppy eyes in many funny and adorable situations. Here are 15 adorable pictures of dachshunds with puppy eyes.

#1 – “Our new baby girl Frankie 🐾”

Credit: Tim Dall

#2 – “puppy eyes🥺🥰💕”

#3 – “He’s mastering the puppy eyes quite fast, I’d say”

#4 – “Tuna has perfected the “puppy dog eye” look”

#5 – “Puppy eyes down pat already”

Credit: dmat08

#6 – “I’d say this one has mastered the art of “puppy dog eyes” 🥺”

#7 – “The face of a young lady who certainly knows how to work the puppy dog eyes”

Credit: loverallson

#8 – “The face and puppy eyes! She’s a stinker!”

#9 – “Stop it with the puppy dog eyes Arnie! No more treats….. ok maybe one🤫”

Credit: Anz Thomas

#10 – ““Just trying to help Mom control her spending” -Minnie It’s so hard to even be mad at her with those sweet puppy eyes 🤣”

Credit: Liz Ramirez

#11 – “Teaching my waffles to sit pretty, but instead he gives me those puppy eyes 🤣”

#12 – “I’m getting the puppy eyes for not throwing his hot dog.”

#13 – “Nala with her puppy eyes 🥺”

#14 – “Sweet baby Lola giving the epitome of puppy dog eyes”

#15 – “He REALLY wants a bite of my snack…as usual! 🤣❤”

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