15 Adorable Pictures Of Corgis With Puppy Eyes

Corgis with their puppy eyes and innocent expressions are so easy to melt the heart of anyone who looks at them. Many Corgi owners have shared pictures of their Corgis using puppy eyes in many funny and adorable situations. Here are 15 adorable pictures of corgis with puppy eyes.

#1 – “Big disapprove and puppy eyes for HOURS from Daisy when Mom doesn’t share tastes from her peanut butter sandwich…. …Mommy usually gives in anyways. 🤷‍♀️”

#2 – “Fish approves of using his puppy dog eyes for extra treats”

Credit: Jon Miller

#3 – “Are you gonna give me more yoghurt or do I have to keep giving you puppy eyes? 🥺”

Credit: Carol Hiu

#4 – “Willis von Wigglebottoms disapproves of mama eating pizza and not sharing! Look at those puppy dog eyes 🥺🥺🥺”

#5 – “Remy disapproves of his food bowl being empty and insists he needs a refill by giving puppy dog eyes!”

#6 – “When the disapproving look doesn’t work he gives me puppy eyes”

#7 – “Winston put on his biggest puppy eyes while I was making the bed… needless to say, he’s all tucked and fluffed and I had no intentions on moving him 🥺”

Credit: Laura Liang

8 – “Fergus has perfected the puppy eyes. “Mom can you stay home for 5 more minutes?””

#9 – “Little Opie disapproves not being able to take a shower with mom. He loves water so much, those puppy dog eyes almost got me.”

#10 – “When you don’t share your ice cream cone even after getting puppy eyes- Phillip was not happy with me”

Credit: DeMae Axel

#11 – “Ginger has perfected the puppy dog eye look to gain maximum petting.”

#12 – “Max giving me puppy dog eyes to stay on the couch”

Credit: anonymousICT

#13 – ““If I look at mum just like this, it’s almost guaranteed that treats will come my way…” – Lady Sesame von Bagel practicing her puppy dog eyes. (📸 @Poppy_and_Sesame_seeds)”

#14 – “My baby Frenchie the Corgi disapproves greatly. Look at his puppy eyes 😖😭”

Credit: Allie Bercik

#15 – “Puppy dog eyes. 👀”

Credit: Kitkat1025
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