15 Adorable Pictures Of Corgis With Happy Smiles

Corgis are known for their adorable, short legs and cheerful dispositions. These little dogs bring a lot of joy and happiness to their owners and make for great companions. But did you know that their smiling faces and happy grins are not just for show? In fact, dogs can actually smile, and corgis are no exception! This article features 15 of the cutest and most heartwarming pictures of corgis with their big, happy smiles on full display. From silly grins to toothy barks, these photos will make you smile and brighten your day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the world’s most adorable dogs in all their smiling glory.

#1 – “Eevee disapproves of being asked to smile!!”

#2 – “Smiling angel and smiling devil, choose which one is angel, and whisch is a devil 😃”

#3 – “My smiling pup 😄 I just can’t with his facial expressions!”

Credit: Tia Craig

#4 – “Lil Remy is just smiling at the flowers ☮️”

#5 – “Hugh Collins-Davis is ready to greet Monday morning with a smile”

Credit: Brian Davis

#6 – “Lord Muffins: he judge… then he smiles”

Credit: Macy Andrd

#7 – “I’m smiling 🐶 cause it’s my birthday today 🎉.”

#8 – “smile!” – “okay you get one. now back to business, throw the ball.”

Credit: Jake Holmes

#9 – “Big smiles for mom taking a sick day to hang out with me 😁😁😁”

Credit: Nicki Quinn

#10 – “No disapproving here. Have a nice friday and start day smiling 🙂”

#11 – “Liberty disapproves of being told to smile for pictures”

#12 – “Me: Lucy! Smile! – Lucy:”

#13 – “smile..”

#14 – “Don’t let the smile fool you, he disapproved of me telling him not to bite the recliner 🤦🏼‍♀️”

#15 – “Violet: do you know why she’s always trying to take pictures of us? – Petunia: no but if I smile she might give us a treat”

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