15 Adorable Pictures Of Border Collies With Their Tongues Out

Adorable and funny pictures of border collies sticking their tongues out are shared by many border collie ​​owners on social networks and received a lot of love from dog lovers. Here are 15 adorable pictures of border collies with their tongues out.

#1 – “Tongue out Tuesday!”

#2 – “Who else has a border collie that sticks their tongue out on a daily basis? 😂😂”

#3 – “i hope you guys can enjoy this girl as much as i do – meet Audrey, 5 months old and likes to stick her tongue out when she’s hungry. our 2nd border collie :)”

Credit: djcler

#4 – “Tongue out sleeping. Super rare isn’t it?”

#5 – “Tongue out finn 🐶❤”

Credit: Helen Jones

#6 – “Tongue out Tuesday Jess”

#7 – “I wonder if Rocky notices his tongue’s sticking out like this 50% of the time”

Credit: GAG3_D

#8 – “Mr. Neeson napping with his tongue out. His hangs out a bit further at times because of his over bite 🥰”

Credit: Mary Bittner

#9 – “Everyone posting pics of their dogs sleeping with a big ole tongue hanging out.. and here’s my guy, with the tiniest, cutest little sliver of tongue hanging out 😱😍😱😍”

#10 – “Do your BCs also stick their tongue out when they are super relaxed and about to snooze?”

Credit: Maki1411

#11 – “Anyone else’s BC stick out their tongue?”

Credit: C_dogs_P

#12 – “Anyone else have a dog whose tongue sticks out when he sleeps? He’s only 4 months and I’m sure hoping his mouth grows to support that thing. Starts sticking out when he gets tired. That’s how we know it’s time for a nap.”

Credit: Joe Barber

#13 – “Tongue out Tuesday Jess”

#14 – “Lazy Mornings with the tongue out”

Credit: flyboybp89

#15 – “He sticks his tongue out when he’s thinking really hard”

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