15 Adorable Pictures Of Border Collies In The First Pic Challenge

The first pic challenge is joined by many border collie owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared adorable pictures of border collies when they first met them. Here are 15 adorable pictures of border collies in the first pic challenge.

#1 – “Casey, 8 weeks old, happy to be going to his forever home.”

#2 – “We drove 12 hours (one way) from Ohio to Wisconsin to pick up our baby girl Pepper! What a fun and exciting trip that was!”

#3 – “the day I brought Bruce home as a 10 year old puppy 😂 he was in kennels after his old daddy passed away suddenly. It was love at first sight. They asked me if I wanted to think about it and let them know my decision at the weekend. I wasn’t prepared to leave without him. 6 months later…Best decision of my life 🥰”

#4 – “Bringing Sampson home! 😍”

Credit: Ash Modesti

#5 – “My baby girl who is now 3 1/2 years old! ❤️”

#6 – “I posted a first pic of 2 puppies we rescued from this place, but this is the first one I took of Marley on his own in the cage lying on a cold stone floor , 1 plastic bed and one empty food bowl between 5 puppies☹ Who could resist that little sad face and paw reaching out thru the bars. Not me !! 7 years on still has to have his paw held even when hes asleep next to you ! 😊 ❤🐶”

Credit: Jann Parker

#7 – “On holiday in Tenby 3.5 years ago, 12 months after losing my old collie.. I decided I need another.. much to my other half’s annoyance I found some puppy’s ‘on the way home’. “We will just go and look!” He said!!! 4 hours detour, no phone signal and only a postcode to go by, I found myself knocking door to door of random farm houses asking “Do you have puppies for sale?” With most just shutting the door in my face until we finally found the farm. I was handed an armful of 4 puppy’s.. I chose one.. handed over £150 and on our way we went, a very silent car journey home but LOOK how cute he was!! 😍😍😍”

#8 – “River, just before I brought her home, 7 weeks old 💜💜💜💜, she is now 2 yrs old.”

Credit: Heidi Thomas

#9 – “It’s almost been a year since we got our rescue, Phoebe. She was found as a stray covered in scabs, ticks and fleas as a very young pup. She’s been quite an adventure.”

#10 – “After loosing both my parents, my old dog, and my foal, ( all within 7 mo. ) I told my husband, “I’m getting a puppy and it’s a Border Collie!” Clark is one of the best decisions I have ever made! He truly was heaven sent!”

#11 – “Our baby boys Rory and Miles❤️ when they were about two weeks or so🥰🥰🥺 and we didn’t know we will fall SO in love with these handsome boys🖤🤍🖤🤍”

Credit: Ruth Guevara

#12 – “Annabelle came from a breeder in the Netherlands. I got her when she was 10 weeks old while I was stationed over there in the Air Force. I was originally going for her brother, but all the puppies shied away from me except for her. She jumped right into my lap and it was an instant love connection. She’s 7 years old now and has always been my heart dog. I love her to pieces.🥺💕”

#13 – “He don’t know what going on. Drove 3 hours to pick him up from his farm :,)”

Credit: Becca Joy

#14 – “My gorgeous boy Jaxon 9 weeks old. He’s 3yrs old now and my everything 🐾🐾”

#15 – “As if there was ever any doubt that I would fall so very in love! We drove 4 hours to pick up Fletcher at around 10 PM. We promptly turned around and drove another 4 hours for the return. It was after 2:30 AM when we finally got home with our sweet puppy. This is the next morning, Fletcher’s first morning with us. He is 13 weeks in this pic. And even though I knew he had my heart the night before, Fletcher confirmed it on this morning, and continues to do so every day…even when he’s being a rascal! 😛💕”

Credit: Gena Daman
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