15 Adorable Pictures Of Border Collies In The Close Up Challenge

The close up challenge is joined by many border collie owners and is loved by many dog lovers. Border collie owners shared adorable pictures of border collies that were shown in a lot of detail as it was taken very close to border collies. Here are 15 adorable pictures of border collies in the close up challenge.

#1 – “Meet Boomer! – close up challenge”

Credit: David Thomas

#2 – “Ellis 💕🐶 my 5 year old handsome best friend!”

#3 – “Only 2,5 months old 😍 – close up challenge”

#4 – “he’s my first dog and love of my life ♥️”

#5 – “My New pal , 9 week old “Hugo” the face of an angel , the jaws & teeth of a great white 😂.”

Credit: Steven Page

#6 – “I have been trying for a week to get a close up of this lil guy but he is too boisterous and won’t stay still. So here is the best one I could get of nearly 6 month Reuben”

Credit: Jane Treacy

#7 – “12 weeks old 🐶 – close up challenge”

Credit: Irish Siu

#8 – “Love my blue eyed boy 💙💙💙”

Credit: Julie Dyer

#9 – “My lovely Miss Maggie 🥰🥰 1yo”

#10 – “My handsome boy Ryu. – close up challenge”

Credit: Dione Casey

#11 – “My rescue Rylie! 💜💜💜 – close up challenge”

#12 – “My beautiful boy 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I’ve been in hospital for a week and miss him soooo much 😢😢😢”

Credit: Barb Ross

#13 – “This is our first BC, Divine. We got her as a rescue at 14 months, and she was arguably the prettiest and smartest of all our BCs (we are now on no. 6)”

#14 – “close up challenge with this guys first snow. He wasn’t sure initially, but then the zoomies took over.”

#15 – “He is my forever loyal and true ❤”

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