15 Adorable Pictures Of Border Collies In The Beautiful Face Challenge

The beautiful face challenge is joined by many border collie owners and is loved by many dog lovers. Border collie owners shared adorable pictures of their border collies with adorable, beautiful faces and easily melted everyone’s heart. Here are 15 adorable pictures of border collies in the beautiful face challenge.

#1 – “Here’s Lhotse, who’s 15 weeks and is just learning how fetch works!”

Credit: Fran Kirby

#2 – “Almost 10 weeks old – beautiful face challenge 🥰”

Credit: Sarah Lock

#3 – “My boy, Fred. Now 14, born deaf, always carries an undercurrent of joy. The sweetest and most intuitive soul I know. My rock through a decade of breast cancer – truly my angel on earth. 💙”

#4 – “My 11-week old💙”

#5 – “Well as a lot of people refer to jesse(lady j) as royalty i thought it was high time she got her own castle born to be a model this doggo 🤣🤣🤣🙉🙈🙊🤘🤘🤘”

#6 – “Emiko giving Mummy the Stare 😳”

Credit: Smile Tang

#7 – “Maya at 3 months vs Maya at 3 years”

#8 – “Bandit at 4 months”

#9 – “My girl Jesse – beautiful face challenge”

Credit: Sandra Botha

#10 – “my sweet girl Abbie. She will be 15 in may. ❤️🐾”

#11 – “Precious Phoebe and Gryphon. This photo was taken the day before, they were taken from me. It’s my favorite of the two of them. They loved each other so much. Most beautiful faces🥰”

#12 – “do upside down ones count if so noah wants to join in 🙃🙃🤣🤣”

#13 – “True story: My husband didn’t want a dog and is a little OCD. I couldn’t get a BC with uneven markings. (One blue eye and one brown would make him uncomfortable.) I had a hard time finding a pure bred in my area and finally found this guy. He is perfect”

#14 – “I’ll just wait here looking adorable beautiful face challenge Penny”

#15 – “Maverick’s submission for the beautiful face challenge”

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