15 Adorable Pictures Of Affectionate Dogs In The Siblings Challenge

The siblings challenge is participated by many dog ​​owners. They shared videos and photos of dogs showing affection when they are with their siblings or their sibling love stories. These siblings, they may be different in origin and size, but they have a connection and closeness to each other. Here are 15 adorable pictures of affectionate dogs in the siblings challenge.

#1 – “These are my dogs, Fred & Fiona. I adopted Fred in 2014 from a shelter in California when I worked there.”

#2 – “I don’t think they’ll ever out grow each other ❤️❤️”

#3 – “Two black boys r brothers. The one with more white he’s the biggest litters of all of the brothers n the one with more black was the smallest litters of all. Haha. The tan one is their step sister lol. 5 years old n 4 months old boys. All r pit pull mixed 😍”

#4 – “When your heart skips a beat upon finding them clearly enjoying each other’s presence! They are not litterMates but were adopted 6 months apart!”

Credit: Erin Breaux

#5 – “The giant brown turd in the back and the gymnast to the right who’s really trying to work on his splits aren’t mine but the other 3 are.”

#6 – “The picture speaks for itself. Lita is the annoyed one, Pablo is the ray of sunshine in the back.”

#7 – “Let me see your dog siblings! These two have the same parents (different litter, obvi) and are inseparable.”

#8 – The Siblings Challenge “this is what I have to leave in the morning when I go to work 😍 My boys Frankie and Finley.”

Credit: Ren Eva

#9 – “Your daily dose of happiness.”

#10 – “6 months apart – my two dachshunds when they were babies 😭”

Credit: Elle Callan

#11 – “Brotherly love.. sorta – Watson the German Shepherd/Beagle Mix & Dexter the Pug”

Credit: Sara Nichols

#12 – “These two absolutely k*ll me 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️”

#13 – “We adopted Sigmund when he was five months old. He was poorly socialized and afraid of EVERYTHING except other dogs. After four months and $1k in training, the trainer recommended we get him a pal to boost his confidence. Enter Ripley. She was a total ball of energy, and Sigmund transformed overnight. They started cuddling the second day—and even though Rip is now 76 pounds, she still sleeps on him daily. Now they pay it forward by helping socialize our foster dogs and puppies.”

#14 – “They have been best friends since Day 1 . Nothing has changed except Sullivan is now double the size of Oscar 🐾♥️”

#15 – “Brothers from different mothers✨ Anyone else have dogs who take up the whole dang couch??😂”

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