15 Adorable Photos Of Beautiful Golden Retrievers In The Model Challenge

The model challenge is participated by many golden retriever owners. They shared adorable photos of the beautiful golden retrievers posing with their adorable, cute and funny looks. Here are 15 adorable photos of beautiful golden retrievers in the model challenge.

#1 – “Our supermodels love a good photoshoot❤ – model challenge”

#2 – “shy type 🙈 – model challenge”

#3 – “This is my best friend, Tucker! We just found out last week that he has spleen cancer that spread to his heart. He started chemo this week but the vet is saying he only has 3 months left at most. He is only 9 years old. I got pictures taken of him this past week and wanted him to join in the model challenge. I don’t know how much time we have left, but I am go to spend every moment of it spoiling and loving him as much as possible ❤️ I don’t know what I did to deserve a dog like him. 🐾”

#4 – “This smile made my day every time 🥰😁 My Ginger’s expression every time she picks me up from work 🥰😁”

#5 – “My little princess Chloe and her proud brother Koda! 🥰🐶🐝🐶🎃 – model challenge”

Credit: Patty Fayad

#6 – “Our new family addition, he is such a sweet boy 💙 Romeo! – model challenge”

Credit: Amber Wilcox

#7 – “Our baby Sora 🐾 “

Credit: Sham

#8 – “My service dog, Cali, in Disney World💞🏰 her Instagram is @cal_the_golden_gal “

Credit: Bailey Davis

#9 – “model challenge I am simba 🦁”

Credit: Laura Arias

#10 – “I SWEAR Hufflepuff has been posing on purpose lately. He looks like he’s going to be in GQ. He loves his spot by the window, and it gets excellent light.”

#11 – “father and daughter rusty and marley”

#12 – “Ok so we can end the model challenge! The winner is FINLEY! LOL just kidding all of them are the winners!!!!”

#13 – “My favorite time of the year 🐾🎄- 🐾 Ginger “

#14 – “This is Penny at 8 weeks old. She was visiting my nephew who has a baby and she obviously liked the idea of having a pacifier like the baby! She did not want to let it go! 😆 – model challenge”

#15 – “Meet Enzo and Nash”

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