12 Life-Changing Pictures Of Dogs Before And After Being Adopted

Sorry if I made you feel sad while reading this post! Every year, there are still many companion animals being abandoned and abused, these little creatures lack love, care and nurturing. Many of them are suffering, afraid, lonely and desperate. Adopting these poor creatures means a lot to their lives, giving them a chance to be reborn with a new and better life. We thank everyone who is rescuing, helping and adopting these poor creatures every day! Here are 12 life-changing pictures of dogs before and after being adopted.

#1 – “Joker dog was a bait dog for i don’t know how long. it amazes me from the moment I met him all he needed was love to heal.”

Credit: forestfae333

#2 – “My foster dog’s 2 month glow up”

#3 – “She’s the sweetest creature I’ve ever met. I don’t always know what to say about her transformation other than “look.” The first picture is a month before the second, the last is her 2 year gotcha-versary.”

#4 – “He went from mistreated, frail and on the verge of death to a happy pupper with a heart of gold! Meet Jack :)”

Credit: NicoDorito

#5 – “Millie, when she was rescued in Mississippi and now. The best doggo.”

Credit: incub8r

#6 – “My boy Beetle, the day he was rescued and the day after we adopted him”

Credit: tortor224

#7 – “Rescued Peanut 6 months ago from an abusive home. He had fleas everywhere and was very matted so I had to shave him”

Credit: bczar222

#8 – “I adopted this baby from the Dominican Republic 1 month ago- my mom didn’t believe me that it was the same dog. I named him Remi and he suffered from mange and malnutrition, not anymore!”

#9 – “How it started vs how it’s going”

Credit: nipdeep

#10 – “Georgia, a 5 y/o Golden Retriever rescued from a puppy mill associated with the dog meat trade (“after” images didn’t work the first time around, so this is my 2nd attempt). We’ve had her for 3 months and she’s settling in beautifully.”

Credit: Which-Leave

#11 – “Found my girl on my way to work one day, a rural dirt road in the middle of nowhere. It’s obvious someone has hit her in the past so I think she was abandoned there. She is now our sweet Nipsy and lives with us on our farm 😊”

#12 – “My first foster failure Lala. First pic is how she was found chained under a back yard table for 6 months, her owners wanted to euthanize because of her mange. Next pic is her at the rescue, and finally, 6 years later of a life filled with love!”

Credit: samituret
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