12 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs Refusing To Part With Their Favorite Toys

Credit Reddit: ninlooq – Credit Reddit: livieluv

Perhaps each of us as a child has a special favorite toy, always wants to hug them when going to bed and keep them carefully. And dogs too, they also have special toy favorites, well-kept, while other toys are destroyed within hours. Here are 12 hilarious pictures of dogs refusing to part with their favorite toys.

#1 – “Do my toys really need a bath, mom”

Credit Reddit: livieluv

#2 – “After 7 years of buying her stuffed toys that she completely destroys within a couple days, I finally found her one that she absolutely loves. She’s had her dragon for few months now and cuddles it every chance she gets.”

Credit Reddit: durpabiscuit

#3 – “Elliot’s owner shares what he looked like at 4 weeks vs full grown, with his favorite toy”

Credit Reddit: mac_is_crack

#4 – “4 years later, she has ripped up hundreds of toys, but she refuses to hurt her Dino.”

Credit Reddit: a7xxx

#5 – “A good boy growing up with his favorite toy”

Credit Reddit: commonvanilla

#6 – “All these years later and it’s still her favourite toy”

Credit Reddit: BeefJyrkii

#7 – “Our 1 1/2 year old pup Murphy destroys every single toy he gets within a few hours, yet this one is different… he only cuddles it and won’t let anyone touch it”

Credit Reddit: illbeyourchaser

#8 – “These toys are considered to be his oldest toys (1.5 years). even though we bought the same toys all of these, but they were destroyed by him within a few hours.”

#9 – “How I found him moments after I changed the batteries in his Snuggle Buddy, a toy with a little heartbeat he’s had since he was 3 months old.”

Credit Reddit: wampus514

#10 – “Sleeping baby corgi with his toy”

Credit Reddit: ninlooq

#11 – “The teddy used to be his sister’s before she died. Now Eddie carries it around with him and it’s the only toy he’s never destroyed.”

Credit Reddit: milkshake841

#12 – “This is the only toy he doesn’t rip to shreds”

Credit Reddit: jem_

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