12 Funny Pictures Of Dogs With The Soul Of A Cat

Dogs have been living with cats since childhood, sometimes this will make their personality somewhat like cats. These dogs sometimes like to climb on anything and lie in high places (refrigerator, furniture, cat tree, etc) and they also like to play with cats and cat games, etc. Here are 12 funny pictures of dogs with the soul of a cat.

#1 – “Cat trees aren’t meant for dogs!”

Credit Reddit: SymanthaB

#2 – “My dog thinks he is a cat”

Credit Reddit: slavensc

#3 – “He grew up with two cats”

Credit Reddit: just-a-traveler

#4 – “My dog is obsessed with my cat and likes to hang out wherever the cat hangs out”

Credit Reddit: Emdora

#5 – “Hmm… that’s not my cat.”

Credit Reddit: Erotic_FriendFiction

#6 – “Ah, the illsuive corgo-cat in his natural habitat. Did you know the corgo-cat has a purr that sounds suspiciously like a bark?”

Credit Instagram: @locke.the.fluffy.corgi

#7 – “Biggest derp dog-cat”

Credit Reddit: SmellyEggRolls

#8 – “I guess she’s a cat now”

Credit Reddit: serialbabe

#9 – “Just a couple of cats playing in a cat tree.”

Credit Instagram: @catcitycassidy

#10 – “Tiny pup lives with 6 kitties, so I guess our cat tree doubles as a dog tree”

Credit Reddit: hoperhe

#11 – “Newly adopted doggo thinks he’s a cat…”

Credit Reddit: DrunkenChimichanga

#12 – “Yes, I am definitely one of the cats.”

Credit Reddit: Solasshole
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