12 Funny Pictures Of Big Dogs But With The Soul Of A Puppy

Credit Reddit: PussyandBagels – Credit Reddit: wellhellooosailor

There are many dog owners who feel that their big dog has the soul of a puppy despite its age. These dogs still retain cute features of a puppy when showing shyness or cheerfulness. And especially even though their size is really large, but they still like to sit on the lap of their owner. Here are 12 funny pictures of big dogs but with the soul of a puppy.

#1 – “He may look like a bear but he identifies as a lap dog”

Credit Reddit: fadedcommunity

#2 – “My 85 lb dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5 lb foster kitten”

Credit Reddit: idkbruhlifesucks

#3 – “My 93 lb German Shepherd is pretty pleased with the amount of inconvenience he’s causing.”

Credit Reddit: wellhellooosailor

#4 – “Big dogs can be scared at the vet too!”

Credit Reddit: PussyandBagels

#5 – “This big boy with his Pooh”

Credit Reddit: drak0bsidian

#6 – “There was a giant traffic jam in the walk ways at the expo. I finally found out what was slowing everyone down. This giant bear dog was getting pets by thousands of people!”

Credit Reddit: GreenDethKing

#7 – “He’s a mix American wolfdog and malamute. And yes, he sits like a horse.”

Credit Imgur: Swedishbouldering

#8 – “I swung by my old place to help my former roommate with some things. The neighbor’s dog recognized me and gave the perfect greeting. Believe it or not, this guy is still a puppy.”

Credit Reddit: Atxflyguy83

#9 – “Lazy Giant”

Credit Reddit: d4hm3r

#10 – “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog”

Credit Reddit: vladgrinch

#11 – “Our Daughter who is now 3 and one of our Saint Bernards who is now 9 💕”

Credit Reddit: Rachel_Bolin

#12 – “Monty the big friendly giant”

Credit Reddit: ttin89
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