12 Funny Pictures About The Bizarre Actions Of Dogs

The strange, random actions of dogs are not uncommon for dog owners, but it always makes people feel interesting and can’t help but laugh when they see them. Here are 12 funny pictures about the bizarre actions of dogs.

#1 – “This feeling”

Credit Reddit: thasonn

#2 – “He’s clearly unhappy with his new outfit.”

Credit Reddit: SystemLog

#3 – “How my dogs prefer to nap…”

Credit Reddit: keplerk2

#4 – “I Don’t Know Why, But He Always Sits Like This”

Credit Reddit: WOOKIExRAGE

#5 – “U can’t see me. Im grass”

Credit Reddit: IAmHereFor_AMC_GME

#6 – “Scorpion Dog”

Credit Reddit: Scrolf

#7 – “Was pretty sure it was photoshopped but then I remembered my dad sent it to me”

Credit Reddit: ceejay5303

#8 – “I don’t even know!”

Credit Reddit: damon_021

#9 – “He normally curls up on top of the cat pedestal (weird already). This one, however, is new.”

Credit Reddit: jnich2424

#10 – “I have never seen a dog sit/lay like this before.”

Credit Reddit: cooperchronicles

#11 – “Get a border Collie they said. Smartest dog breed they said.”

Credit Reddit: Scholar_Mental

#12 – “Warm, comfy bed? No. Cold, steel ring? Yes.”

Credit Reddit: Scott_96
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