12 Funny Dog Pictures Before And After A Bath

Many dogs do not like to bathe, they often run away when they need to bathe or exhibit fearful or angry attitudes when forced to take a bath. And with a steamy appearance, instead of the usual ruffled fur, it sometimes makes us unable to stop laughing. Here are 12 funny dog pictures before and after a bath.

#1 – “I gave my Pomeranian a bath…and he went full meerkat”

Credit Reddit: Damaxan

#2 – “Terrified…”

Credit Reddit: teraflux

#3 – “Before and after a bath! (Love his paws in the water!)”

Credit Reddit: truelovemaureen

#4 – “Bath Time – Before and After”

Credit Reddit: IAlsoPostOldTopLinks

#5 – “A more pathetic sight, mine eyes never did see. Meet (freshly bathed) Apollo.”

Credit Reddit: Toxin197

#6 – Dry dog vs. wet dog

Credit Reddit: jolulu

#7 – “My pet dog, Aldo, before and after a bath”

Credit Reddit: Epheril

#8 – “So, I rolled around in 💩. Now, I have 💩 all over me. This is 🐂💩! 👿🐾🐶👿”

Credit Instagram: @sirwilliambernardthefirst – Credit Instagram: @sirwilliambernardthefirst

#9 – “Ready for the weekend”

Credit Instagram: @yorkienamedbruno – Credit Instagram: @yorkienamedbruno

#10 – “Shower is not the favorite thing in this house 😂”

Credit Instagram: @linelle83 – Credit Instagram: @linelle83

#11 – “Scrub a dub dub…get me out this tub! Mooooom!”

Credit Instagram: @rawrsimba – Credit Instagram: @rawrsimba

#12 – “One minute you’re rolling around, having fun at the dog park, the next minute, this! Oh woe is me! 🐾🐼🐾😱”

Credit Instagram: @georgiegirl_nyc – Credit Instagram: @georgiegirl_nyc
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