12 Adorable Pictures Of Puppy Eyes That Make Your Heart Melt

Credit Instagram: @bellaandblacky – Credit FB: @Crystal Gayle

The eyes are the windows to the soul with the ability to express and transmit emotions to the person who looks at them. Dogs are also very good at taking advantage of this, especially puppies, who often use their innocent and cute eyes “Puppy Eyes” to melt the hearts of many people. Here are 12 adorable pictures of puppy eyes that make your heart melt.

#1 – “He has those “puppy eyes” when he wants to play!”

Credit Reddit: Agianere

#2 – “5 years old and still has puppy eyes 😍”

Credit Reddit: pkopo1

#3 – “7 weeks to 6 months. How she’s grown!”

Credit Reddit: sosbb

#4 – “Puppy eyes!!”

Credit Reddit: Krromans

#5 – “Someone has stolen one of the humans socks, Mila denies anything to do with it… 🐾🙄”

Credit Instagram: @mila.cockerspaniell

#6 – Blacky Toy Poodle

Credit Instagram: @bellaandblacky

#7 – Her name’s Piggy

Credit FB: @Crystal Gayle

#8 – “She has masters in puppy eyes studies.”

Credit Reddit: Bengez1990

#9 – Sweet eyes

Credit Instagram:

#10 – Pug eyes

Credit Instagram:

#11 – “Huxleys Puppy eyes get me every time.”

Credit Reddit: Si-Biscuit

#12 – “Those puppy eyes”

Credit Reddit: NihilismL
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