12 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs Growing Up – Then And Now

Credit FB: @‎Kym Jones

Puppies really grow up really fast. Sometimes you may not notice how they have changed until you compare their photographs. And this may surprise you as your dogs have really changed so much. Here are 12 adorable pictures of dogs growing up – then and now.

#1 – BayBay and Nana

#2 – “Duke at 8 weeks old to now 2 years old”

Credit FB: @‎Kym Jones

#3 – “So much has changed in 7 quick months! Lady loves her big little brother so much 🖤💓🤍”

#4 – “Ralph 6 weeks to 8 months 😂🥰”

#5 – “Saga 6 weeks and 9 months😍”

#6 – “8 weeks to 2.5 years ❤️”

Credit FB: @Jennafir LaBuda

#7 – “A year difference ❤️”

Credit FB: @Laura Case

#8 – “Year 1, year 8, year 15”

Credit FB: @Michael Clark

#9 – “9 weeks vs. 11 months 🥰 her did a grow”

#10 – “Boomer from 2 weeks to now 8 months and already a whopping 82lbs!!!”

Credit FB: @Alexis Moore

#11 – “My boy Vince 💙🐾 my love, my copilot, my best friend 🐾💙 the difference a year makes!”

Credit FB: @Cheryl Canning

#12 – “Happiest 1st birthday to my baby Blueberry 💙”

Credit FB: @Jill Cahill
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