10 Pictures Showing The True Temperament Of German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, it is also considered a herding dog. The German Shepherd Dog is famous for loyalty, courage, and intelligence. You may have seen them in a movie where they were protagonists, they were always the best companions and guardians

#1 – German shepherd dogs are also sometimes very vulnerable

#2 – German Shepherds love their families and know how to show it

#3 – German Shepherd dogs always want to be with their owners

#4 – When you look at this picture you might think that the German Shepherd is playful, but not really, because they just want to play with you and only you.

#5 – German Shepherd puppies easily steal your heart at first sight

#6 – Unconditional Love

#7 – German Shepherd dogs sometimes do things that make us laugh

#8 – German Shepherds are very intelligent and know how to handle situations deemed impossible

One day you’ll be able to reach the bowl without tiptoes. You’re doing good, laddie, very good!

#9 – The German Shepherd also has an expressive and impressive face

#10 – German Shepherds can grow in size, but sometimes they still think they are puppies

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