10 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs With Mullets That Remind People Of The 60s

The mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is cut shorter at the front and sides, but is longer at the back. Mullets have been known since the 60s and became popular when they appeared in many movies and became the hairstyle of celebrities or rock stars. However, there were many people who did not like mullets because at that time mullets were often associated with violent crime, trailer parks, drug use, etc. Here are 10 hilarious pictures of dogs with mullets that remind people of the 60s.

#1 – “Not OC but im dying. The mullet is amazing. I love these Fur parents.”

Credit: kccobobbert

#2 – “Dog mullet”

Credit: streetpuma

#3 – “The groomers made a mistake last week and shaved off this magnificent mane :(“

Credit: DroneWatson

#4 – “This dog has a mullet”

Credit: J1beri5h

#5 – “Moose’s cousin Cletus came to visit…. said something about drinking some PBR’s , listening to Skynyrd , and sniffing some butts”

#6 – “Sunny is serving you regal fierceness, leg warmers on the bottom, poofiest poof on the tail and a mullet that all the doggies dream of”

#7 – “When your husband takes your dog to the groomers and request he gets a mullet cut!!! 🥴”

#8 – dog mullet

#9 – “Happy National Nude Day! 😁👍”

#10 – “My little boy is all grown up now… he has a mullet just like his daddy”

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