10 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs About Their Destructive Power

Credit Reddit: gizzoojr – Credit Instagram: @jack_cool_ny

Our adorable dogs are always friendly, cheerful, and obedient when playing with us. However, when we are away and they are left alone, they can become destructive and destroy everything. Here are 10 hilarious pictures of dogs about their destructive power.

#1 – I’m just trying to make the room more interesting

Credit Reddit: ruserious65433

#2 – I had a bad dream, the bed attacked me, so I had to defend myself

Credit Instagram: @winston.dalmatian

#3 – This wall is also on the list of targets that can be destroyed

Credit Instagram: @devinek9s

#4 – You call it corgi and you love it more than us?

Credit Instagram: @yayathecorgi

#5 – This pillow is too poor quality! I just lay on it

Credit Instagram: @barkchelor.obie

#6 – not me! I tried to stop him!

Credit Instagram: @buttonsandpebbles

#7 – Do you think the house is nicer?

#8 – I’m glad you’re home. It’s boring to be here without you

Credit Reddit: gizzoojr

#9 – The cat did it

Credit Instagram: @jack_cool_ny

#10 – I’m glad you’re home. There was a monster here and I have to fight it to drive it away!

Credit Instagram: @barneythegolden_au

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