10 Funny Pictures of Muddy Dogs Before And After

Credit Instagram: @harveythegoldenirish – Credit Instagram: @harveythegoldenirish

Most dogs love to play with mud, they are happy to play and roll over and roll in muddy puddles. This can cause dog owners to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning their muddy dog, and the items soiled by the muddy dog. But maybe you can’t help smiling while looking at your mud dog. Here are 10 funny pictures of muddy dogs before and after.

#1 – Before and after super fun playdate

Credit Instagram: @onnisamoyed – Credit Instagram: @onnisamoyed

#2 – Hope you had a good day!

Credit Instagram: @happythetoller – Credit Instagram: @happythetoller

#3 – Have fun and enjoy playing with puddles

Credit Instagram: @harveythegoldenirish – Credit Instagram: @harveythegoldenirish

#4 – Why are you looking at me like that?

Credit Instagram: @winniethepooch33 – Credit Instagram: @winniethepooch33

#5 – Satisfied face after being released to play with mud puddle

Credit Reddit: ponder233823 – Credit Reddit: ponder233823

#6 – Maybe you should try a mud bath, which is really effective at making people happy

Credit Instagram:@activ_dogs – Credit Instagram:@activ_dogs

#7 – This place is great with mud everywhere

Credit Instagram: @toby_swampdog – Credit Instagram: @toby_swampdog

#8 – Ralph didn’t want to move out of the mud

Credit Instagram: @eleni_ralph_sylvie – Credit Instagram: @eleni_ralph_sylvie

#9 – Chipper had a mud mask

Credit Reddit: RadioaktivJ – Credit Reddit: RadioaktivJ

#10 – Lying in the mud makes her happier lying in her bed

Credit Reddit: Sushisando – Credit Reddit: Sushisando
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