10 Fun Facts About Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds are a majestic and impressive breed known for their size, strength, and loyalty. They were originally bred for hunting wolves, but today they are more commonly found as family pets. In this article, we’ll share 10 fun facts about Irish Wolfhounds that will help you learn more about this unique breed.

#1 – They are one of the tallest dog breeds

Irish Wolfhounds are one of the tallest dog breeds in the world, with males standing up to 32 inches at the shoulder and females up to 30 inches. They are also one of the heaviest breeds, with males weighing up to 180 pounds and females up to 150 pounds.

#2 – They have a gentle nature

Despite their size and strength, Irish Wolfhounds have a gentle nature and are known for their loyalty and affection towards their families. They are great with children and make excellent family pets.

#3 – They are sighthounds

Irish Wolfhounds are classified as sighthounds, meaning they rely on their eyesight to hunt and chase prey. They have excellent vision and are capable of seeing objects from great distances.

#4 – They have a short lifespan

Unfortunately, Irish Wolfhounds have a relatively short lifespan compared to other dog breeds. They typically live between 6-8 years, with some living up to 10 years.

#5 – They are ancient dogs

Irish Wolfhounds are an ancient breed that can be traced back to 391 AD. They were originally bred by the Celts in Ireland as hunting and war dogs, and were prized for their strength and size.

#6 – They have a unique appearance

Irish Wolfhounds have a unique appearance with their long, narrow head, and shaggy coat. They have a noble and regal look that makes them stand out in a crowd.

#7 – They have a high prey drive

As sighthounds, Irish Wolfhounds have a high prey drive and may chase small animals, including cats, rabbits, and squirrels. They should always be supervised when around smaller animals.

#8 – They are known for their loyalty

Irish Wolfhounds are incredibly loyal to their families and are often described as “gentle giants.” They will protect their loved ones and are always eager to please.

#9 – They have a unique personality

Irish Wolfhounds have a unique personality that is both regal and clownish. They are known to be sensitive and gentle with their families, but also have a playful and goofy side.

#10 – They have a sensitive personality

Irish Wolfhounds have a sensitive personality and can be easily hurt by harsh words or actions. They thrive on positive reinforcement and gentle training methods.

In conclusion, Irish Wolfhounds are a unique and impressive breed with a long history and gentle nature. While they have a short lifespan and require regular grooming, they make excellent family pets for those who have the space and experience to handle their large size.

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