Top 6 Best Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds

Livestock guardian dogs are dogs that are bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators, their ability to guard their herds is mainly instinctive because the dog has been attached to the herd from an early age. When there are intruders in the herd, livestock guardian dogs will confront predators with threatening voice, barking and behaving very aggressively, if unable to repel them they may attack or fight with the predator.

#1 – Kuvasz

Height: 28-30 inches (male), 26-28 inches (female)
Weight: 100-115 pounds (male), 70-90 pounds (female)
The Kuvasz is a large-sized breed of working dog originating from Hungary. In the past, the Kuvasz was used as a royal guard dog or guarded livestock. The Kuvasz has a large, imposing appearance and is covered with a dense white coat. The Kuvasz is an intelligent, loyal, patient dog but they can be independent or slightly aloof, particularly with strangers.

#2 – Komondor

Height: 27.5 minimum inches (male), 25.5 minimum inches (female)
Weight: 100 pounds or more (male), 80 pounds or more (female)
The Komondor, also known as Hungarian sheepdog, is a large breed of working dog originating from Hungary. The Komondor is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world, covered by white cords from head to tail. The Komondor is a dog breed that was bred to protect cattle without the assistance of its owner. The Komondor is a loyal, brave, dignified, independent dog and quite wary of strangers.

#3 – Great Pyrenees

Height: 27-32 inches (male), 25-29 inches (female)
Weight: 100 pounds & up (male), 85 pounds & up (female)
The Great Pyrenees, also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is a large breed of dog used as a livestock guardian dog. They are adapted to snow-covered mountains, and are used as dogs to protect cattle from wolves and other predators. The Great Pyrenees is an affectionate, confident, gentle, patient, calm dog. However, The Great Pyrenees can be slow to learn new commands, slow to obey and somewhat stubborn to train.

#4 – Tibetan Mastiff

Height: minimum 26 inches (male), minimum 24 inches (female)
Weight: 90-150 pounds (male), 70-120 pounds (female)
The Tibetan Mastiff is a member of the Mastiff family and is originally from Tibet. They were used as a flock guardian dog in Tibet. The Tibetan Mastiff is considered a primitive dog with its large size and thick double coat to keep the body warm, helping them adapt to the cold climate in Tibet and the high-altitude Himalayan range. The Tibetan Mastiff is an intelligent, calm, alert, Independent dog and often aloof from a stranger.

#5 – Pyrenean Mastiff

Height: 30-31 inches (male), 25-30 inches (female)
Weight: 120-240 pounds
The Pyrenean Mastiff is a large breed of livestock guardian dog originating from Spain. They are large, strong dogs covered in heavy white coat with a mask of a darker colour. The Pyrenean Mastiff is an intelligent, gentle, calm, brave, independent dog that loves and protects all creatures. However, like any mastiff, they drool and produce quite a lot when exposed to heat, food or water.

#6 – Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Height: 29 inches (male), 27 inches (female)
Weight: 110-150 pounds (male), 80-120 pounds (female)
The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is also known by another name is Turkish Shepherd Dog, is a large working dog originating from Anatolia. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a rugged, large and very strong dog, has high speed and agility, and with good sight and hearing makes it excellent livestock guardian dogs. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an intelligent, loyal, calm, independent dog, a little curious but aloof with strangers.

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