Top 10 Most Muscular Dog Breeds

There are dog breeds that are commonly known for their stocky, muscular appearance and for some people may feel afraid by their appearance. However, these breeds can make great companions and some can be trained for guard dogs, search and rescue, police assistance, service dogs, guide for the blind, etc. Here are top 10 most muscular dog breeds.

#1 – American Bully

Height: 13–20 inches
Weight: 66–88 pounds
The American Bully is a small to large sized breed of dog originating from United States and divided into 4 categories: Pocket, Standard, Classic and XL. The American Bully is a stocky, muscular breed with a broad head, well defined jaws, very pronounced cheek muscles, and a short, smooth, glossy, low-maintenance coat. The American Bully is an intelligent, affectionate, loyal, happy, outgoing, good-natured dog and has a tendency to be highly protective of its owner.

#2 – Dogo Argentino

Height: 24-26.5 inches (male), 24-25.5 inches (female)
Weight: 88-100 pounds (male), 88-95 pounds (female)
The Dogo Argentino is a large dog originating from Argentina that was developed primarily for hunting the purpose of big-game hunting. The Dogo Argentino is a large, muscular, powerful and athletic breed with short, smooth coat that is completely white or may have a dark patch near the eye. The Dogo Argentino is an intelligent, friendly, courageous, alert dog and they can be trained for search and rescue, police assistance, service dogs, guide for the blind, etc.

#3 – Cane Corso

Height: 25-27.5 inches (male), 23.5-26 inches (female)
Weight: 99–110 pounds (male), 88–99 pounds (female)
The Cane Corso is a large mastiff dog breed originating from Italy. The Cane Corso is large, imposing, well muscled and less bulky than most other Mastiff breeds with a large head and short, stiff coat. The Cane Corso is an intelligent, affectionate, loyal, docile and easy-to-train dog. As with any other big working dog, early socialization with humans and other pets is essential. Nowadays, the Cane Corso is used for personal protection, law enforcement, tracking, as a guard dog, and as a companion dog.

#4 – Doberman Pinscher

Height: 26-28 inches (male), 24-26 inches (female)
Weight: 75-100 pounds (male), 60-90 pounds (female)
The Doberman Pinscher, also known as Dobermann, is a medium-large working dog that originated in Germany. The Doberman Pinscher is sleek and strong. Doberman Pinscher is considered one of dogkind’s noblemen. The Doberman Pinscher is an intelligent, loyal, fearless and vigilant dog, and they always cling to the humans they love. They are known for their ability to learn, retain their training, and are one of the best guard dog breeds in the world.

#5 – Rottweiler

Height: 24-27 inches (male), 22-25 inches (female)
Weight: 95-135 pounds (male), 80-100 pounds (female)
The Rottweiler is a medium-to-large or large breed of working dog originating from Germany. When it comes to the Rottweiler, many people probably think of a strong, muscular dog, and maybe some people are scared. However, properly raised Rottweiler, they are very sweet, loyal, courageous, playful and always ready to protect their families. In the past, the Rottweiler was used to herd livestock and pull carts laden on farms. Nowadays, Rottweilers are known primarily as guard dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs.

#6 – American Staffordshire Terrier

Height: 18-19 inches (male), 17-18 inches (female)
Weight: 55-70 pounds (male), 40-55 pounds (female)
The American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as the AmStaff, is a medium-sized dog originating from The United States of America. The American Staffordshire Terrier is a stocky, muscular breed with a broad head and well defined jaws. The American Staffordshire Terrier is smart, loyal, confident, courageous, good-natured and highly trainable breed.

#7 – American Pit Bull Terrier

Height: 18–21 inches (male), 17–20 inches (female)
Weight: 35–60 pounds (male), 30–50 pounds (female)
The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized breed of dog originating from United States. They have a short coat, smooth well-defined muscle structure, almond-shaped eyes, and ears of small to medium length. The American Pit Bull Terrier is an intelligent, playful, mischievous dog, and loves to be the center of attention. Being socialized early this breed will become friendly, love children, always want to protect and please their family members.

#8 – Boxer

Height: 23-25 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (female)
Weight: 65-80 pounds (male), females are about 15 pounds less than male
The Boxer is a medium to large breed of working dog originating from Germany. The Boxer has very short, thin coat that require very little grooming. The Boxer is renowned from olden times for his great love and faithfulness to household. The Boxer is an active, energetic, bright, playful, friendly, loyal dog. In addition, They have the patience to protect so they are considered great dogs with children.

#9 – American Bulldog

Height: 22-25 inches (males); 20-23 inches (females)
Weight: 75-100 pounds (males); 60-80 pounds (females)
The American Bulldog is a large dog originating from the United States that was bred to be a utility dog used to work on farms. The American Bulldog is a large, stocky, muscular, powerful breed with a large head and a short, smooth, low-maintenance coat. The American Bulldog is loyal, confident, lively, ebullient dog. They bond strongly with their owners but aloof with strangers. Early socialization of this breed is essential and avoiding leaving them alone, or making them feel lonely.

#10 – Bull Terrier

Height: 21-22 inches
Weight: 50-70 pounds
The Bull Terrier is a robust, big-boned terrier breed originating in England. The Bull Terrier can be both independent and stubborn so early socialization is necessary to ensure that the dog gets along well with other pets. The Bull Terrier is a courageous, affectionate, cheerful dog, a children-loving dog and a great companion. In addition, a 2008 study in Germany also did not find that the Bull Terrier had any significant difference in temperament compared to the Golden Retrievers in studies of overall temperament.

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