This Is Why German Shepherd Dogs Are The Best

Height: 24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (female)
Weight: 65-90 pounds (male), 50-70 pounds (female)
The coat is accepted in two variants: medium and long (long hair genes are recessive).
Life Expectancy: 7-10 years

The German Shepherd Dog is a breed of medium to large-sized herding dog that originated in Germany. The German Shepherd Dog is large, powerful, muscular, agile, intelligent, confident and has a noble personality. Loyalty, courage are what people often mention about this breed. The German Shepherd Dog wants to protect and please those who are special to them. Today, the German Shepherd Dog is used for a variety of jobs, including disability assistance, search and rescue, police and military roles, and acting.

10 Pictures Show Why German Shepherd Dogs Are The Best

#1 – German Shepherd puppies easily steal your heart at first sight

#2 – German Shepherds always wants to sleeps next to you

#3 – German Shepherd Dogs are great guardians, they will help you feel safer

#4 – The German shepherd Dog always wants to be with you and that makes them happy

#5 – German Shepherds have a way of telling you they are sorry

#6 – German Shepherds are always waiting patiently for you

#7 – German Shepherd dogs are very loyal and affectionate

#8 – German Shepherds also often do lovely acts

#9 – Most of the time German Shepherds are always happy to have you around

#10 – German Shepherds are very intelligent and know how to handle situations deemed impossible

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