The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

The first thing I want to emphasize is that there is no certain dog breed that is best for all seniors, only the dog breeds that suit each elder’s lifestyle (for example: low maintenance, affection, introverted or extroverted , energetic or least active, etc). If you are an elderly person and want to own a dog you can refer to the following 10 dog breeds, and note that choose the dog breed that best suits your lifestyle.

#1 – Poodle

Height: Standard: Over 15 inches; Miniature: 10-15 inches; Toy: No more than 10 inches
Weight: Standard: 60-70 pounds (male), 40-50 pounds (female); Miniature: 10-15 pounds; Toy: 4-6 pounds
The Poodle whether in any version, standard, miniature or toy, they are smart, docile dogs, easy to train and always prefer to be with and please their owners. In addition, The Poodle also has a single-layer coat that sheds very little and this breed is also considered hypoallergenic.

#2 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Height: 12-13 inches
Weight: 13-18 pounds
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed originating from the United Kingdom. They have long ears, big eyes and an expressive face, many say it’s a sweet face. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is very gentle, affectionate, graceful and charming, always likes to be with their owners and they are also rarely bark.

#3 – Pug

Height: 10-13 inches
Weight: 14-18 pounds
The Pug is a small breed originating from China. They have large round heads, many wrinkles, a short nose and 2 big eyes that look extremely cute. Pug are lovable, fun, and a little mischievous, they are also quite lazy and like to sleep, and always likes to be with their owner. Pug is also a dog that doesn’t need grooming and exercise too much. The Pug is also a great companion for the elderly and children. In addition, You can also easily bring them with you when meeting friends and they will quickly become the center of attention.

#4 – Greyhound

Height: 28-30 inches (male), 27-28 inches (female)
Weight: 65-70 pounds (male), 60-65 pounds (female)
The Greyhound is a hunting dog, but they are extremely gentle, sweet, obedient, independent in spirit and they exude an aristocratic look. Greyhound is famous for the fastest running ability in the dog world (45 Miles Per Hour) and they are also dogs that often have long sleeps. They have sweet, sensitive souls suitable for introverts.

#5 – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Height: 10-12 inches
Weight: up to 30 pounds (male), up to 28 pounds (female)
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small breed of cattle dog native to Wales. They are famous for their short legs, and extremely cute appearance. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an intelligent, affection, playful, easy-to-train dog. Socializing early, they are very friendly and love their family, making family members happy is always what they want.

#6 – Maltese

Height: 7-9 inches
Weight: under 7 pounds
The Maltese is a small dog with a weight not exceeding 7 pounds. They are covered with long, straight, smooth white coat. They also shed very little hair, and will not aggravate allergies. Maltese have a gentle and playful personality, stable health, adaptability and long life. They like to be friends with all ages.

#7 – Chinese Crested

Height: 11-13 inches
Weight: 8-12 pounds
The Chinese Crested is a hairless breed of dog originating from China. They are of two types: Hairless and Powderpuff, both of which can be born in the same litter. Powderpuff has a thick, straight, soft double coat and also very little shed. Hairless has smooth, soft skin, and they have tufts of hair on the head, tail and ankles. The Chinese Crested is an affectionate, playful, loving, alert and devoted dog breed.

#8 – Boston Terrier

Height: 15-17 inches
Weight: 12-25 pounds
The Boston Terrier is a small breed originating from the United States of America. They also have a nickname “American Gentlemen” for their impeccable manners. The Boston Terrier has a square head, erect ears, short nose, and large round eyes, they are also friendly, gentle, cheerful dogs, a little curious, mischievous and like to be the center of attention.

#9 – Chihuahua

Height: 5-8 inches
Weight: not exceeding 6 pounds
The Chihuahua is a small breed of dog, weighing no more than 6 pounds, is native to Mexico. With the Short-Hair-Chihuahua version, they almost need no grooming and do not take much time for cleaning. Chihuahuas are loyal, intelligent and charming dogs. They are the ideal pet for families living in city apartments with busy lives already and with their small size, you can easily take them with you to go meet friends or even travel long days.

#10 – Bichon Frise

Height: 9.5-11.5 inches
Weight: 12-18 pounds
The Bichon Frise is a small breed, with a cute, small appearance, featuring a head covered with round fur and big eyes. Bichon Frise is quite mischievous and curious, however, they need a lot of love, affection and time from their owners because they always want to be with, please their owners and love to snuggle with their owners.

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