15 Photos Of Wire Fox Terrier Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The Wire Fox Terrier is a small, energetic, and intelligent breed known for its distinctive wiry coat and lively demeanor. Originating from England, they were initially bred for hunting foxes. With a fearless personality, they make excellent watchdogs and loyal companions. Their sharp intellect requires mental stimulation, and their boundless energy demands regular exercise. Despite their spirited nature, Wire Fox Terriers are affectionate and thrive in families where they receive ample attention and training. Here are 15 photos of wire fox terrier puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – Super cute chubby Wire Fox Terrier puppy ☀️💖💕

#2 – “Ready for a photo shoot but forget there are still grasses in my mouth 🤣🌿😛”

#3 – “Today our little ones turn 1 month old ❣️”

#4 – Wire Fox Terrier puppy is 79 days old and weighs 2 kg 🐶🐾

#5 – “I have long legs and a big head 😂🐶”

#6 – “Pepe y Bruixeta Puig d’Agulles ❤️🦊🦊❤️” – Wire Fox Terrier puppies

#7 – “The first time you see the sun, you greet it with a yawn! She is little Mini (d) at 12 days old ❤️🌞❤️”

#8 – “just remember this week is my gotcha day!! i am with my family for 2 years now 🥰🥰 throwback to the 7 weeks old me, my first few days home 😇”

Credit: @misobububu

#9 – “Pepe & Bruixeta 🦊💕🦊”

#10 – “It’s my gotchaday 🎉🎉 Today it’s been 4 years since I came into this family and, since then, I’ve been my father’s best friend and the spoiled dog of the family.🥰 In the photo, I was still with my brothers and sisters a few days before they came to pick me up.😊”

#11 – “Happy national puppy day woof!! 🐶 8 weeks old me 🙈”

Credit: @misobububu

#12 – “My parents said I’m a big boy now, need to sit at the back by myself ☹️ I tried to climb to the front a few times but failed 😅”

#13 – “Aww so cute❤️”

#14 – “Throwback when I was 7 weeks old….. 👶🏻 see how much i have changed!!”

Credit: @misobububu

#15 – “Flash Gordon stole my heart ⭐️❤️”

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