15 Photos Of Silky Terrier Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart

Silky Terrier puppies are adorable with their silky blue and tan coats, epitomizing the breed’s charm from the beginning. Energetic and clever, these pups radiate warmth and inquisitiveness. Recognized for their spunky personalities, they form strong connections with their households swiftly. Early socialization and steady training are crucial, molding them into devoted and well-behaved pets. As they mature, Silky Terrier puppies transform into graceful adults, displaying the breed’s distinctive elegance and loving temperament.

#1 – “What? Is there something on my nose? 🤨”

Credit: @silkybears

#2 – “She is 6 weeks old. She’s acting like a princess. She is adventurous, cuddly, a bit shy and loves company. 🐶👸”

#3 – “Theodore 6 weeks old sitting with Daisy his mummy.”

#4 – “Tongue out Tuesday!! Young Mabel, just 6 1/2 weeks old 😍👅🐶”

#5 – “I love my Mumma. She’s so cool, calm & collected. 🐶🦴♥️ “

Credit: @silkybears

#6 – “I’m Theodore 🐾 8 weeks old”

#7 – “Sunday slowdown with my brothers and our sweet mama Brie ❤️💗💚💙”

#8 – “On Tuesday all the puppies got vet checked and are in perfect health! I took them to the vet that looked after Henry as she is so nice and gentle! None of the puppies even cried when they got their needles and microchips! 👩🏻‍⚕️👏🏼”

Credit: @silkybears

#9 – “Happy Sunday fwiends! 🤍 sooo now I have one ear up and one flopping down, I’ve been like this a few days hehe 🙈 well hope you all had a gweat weekend 😘”

#10 – “What do you mean we still have to stay inside?! – 12weeks”

#11 – “And Roxy makes 11 😁 Young Roxy has found her way to 10dogsandabus HQ from sunny Queensland. Her mum is actually a pup I sent up there a few years ago, so she’s come home to meet her biological grandma, great grandma, aunty and cousin. She fits right in, it’s as if she was born here. Gosh, I love my silky crew! 🥰🥰 Aways room for one more in my world…”

#12 – “Frodi 🤩🐶😍”

#13 – “Been watching tv with my mommy all morning 💙 hope everyone has a great day!! 😉”

#14 – “Trouble never looked so cute! 🌟”

#15 – “I’m nine weeks old and looking like a half bunny with one of my ears upturned. My maman prefers my floppy ears, but nature has other plans 🐰🐶”

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